Why are blogs valuable for an entrepreneur?

Guest Feature by Amy Reinecke and Jennifer Draper. We live in a world with a lot of noise and a lot of voices.  Everyone is creating some form of content these days it seems and we are all vying for the attention of our target audience. 

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Lead Generation

Guest Feature by Kimberli Davino. Whenever I think about Lead Generation, I get excited. The thought of connecting with others and building long lasting relationships, just lights my soul on fire. But when I try to express that passion to others, they don’t get it. Too many feel, spending the time connecting and getting to know others is a waste of time.

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Holistic Systems

Guest feature by Ariana Rodriguez on Holistic Systems. When I start talking about systems and operations people’s eyes tend to glaze over. I get it – Standard Operating Procedures or SOP’s, tech stacks and process maps aren’t sexy (at least to most people), but here’s why I put such a huge emphasis on focusing as much time on your operations as you do on your marketing, on your sales tactics and on everything else in your business.

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Set Your Business Up for Social Media Marketing Success

Guest Feature by Geisha Garcia. There’s no question that having a social media presence is good for your business. Once a medium for entertainment and online socialization, social media is now one of the most common and effective marketing tools; leveling the playing field for emerging and established brands. It is responsible for building many businesses and for exponentially growing others. 

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Cleaning Up Your Energy Around Social Media

Guest Feature by Jaymie Sutherland. I’d seen others do it, but honestly couldn’t fathom it – delete everyone I was following on Instagram?! What if I never find them again? What if I miss out on some epic piece of content? What if?

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