The Timeless Sales Method

The course that enables you to instinctively & intuitively
know when to serve and when to sell.

Intuition married with a methodical plan, structures to empower you, and resources to guide you to craft your exclusive way of selling that differentiates your brand from pitching like everyone else in your industry.

The safety of sales…

…and of retention in your brand, increased conversions, and absolute-clients isn’t a
far-off illusion… it’s just up to you to learn the skill set of selling to bring your dream into reality.

The illuminated pathway that you can trust is available to you, but thus far… paralysis may have kept you in a place of believing that you have to sell like “them” to grow like “them”.

We disagree.

Some call sales an art, but that makes it sound like a finesse, an option, a potential when we can pause and become creative with it.

You’re already the creative. 

You’re already the visionary.

You’re already the innovator.

You’re already the revolutionary.

You’re already the catalyst.

And that’s why drag-and-drop scripts won’t work for you.

And that’s why pre-bundled step-by-steps won’t work for you.

And that’s why anyone else’s perfectly crafted “bound to succeed” plans won’t work for you.

That’s why you want more.

More as in...

A way to instinctively know when to serve someone in your community or prepare an organic, connective, friendly expression of interest and invitation to that person when you know they’re prepared to work with you (because you’ll just know).

A way to pick up on the patterns, person to person, because you’ll have the practical knowledge of sales psychology, humanistic design, buyer types, and obvious data that notates to you and this person (or many persons) that they’re ready.

A way to sell your full offer suite regularly – low ticket, mid-ticket, high-ticket – doesn’t matter; buyers buy in a specific way and your data will tell you what kind of buyer they are.

With data in hand about your buyer, alongside the knowledge, resources, and skill sets you’re going to gain from The Timeless Sales Method course… you’ll be authorized to notice, learn more, and serve them with an invitation that shows them you’re the one they can trust. 

Angela Hacche,

a previous consulting client,

chose timelessness.

Her words, not ours.

Sales have already been hard

…and you’ve walked through a lot of experiences seeking to sell in a way that works and works for you.

Perhaps you’ve already invested in other experiences to learn a way that works, but once you were in the room, in the details, in the teachings… it wasn’t mentoring to your soul, your company, or the way you’d like your company to be known.

You’ve been seeking something you can’t define to illuminate your sales processes and structures beyond DM sales scripts, awkward sales calls, constant “not right now’s”, and discontentment with your revenue because you know that even with where current revenue is at… your capability for growth is just within your reach through bolder outreach, connection, and conversion.

Perhaps you’ve been experiencing some of these feelings?


On high-alert


Which may have turned into this:

Ill-fit clientele that beckons in more ill-fit clientele

Struggling to set boundaries post-sale and people-pleasing into profit

Overdelivering out of fear even when it’s a scope-creep-moment

Dreading your sales call because of the rejection received in the past

Many of our clients believed...

…that they were destined to work off of referrals and hopes for the longevity of their brand.

Word of mouth was their best friend.

They played into the tricks and trends of each social media platform.

Oversold on calls because they wanted to get out of the friend zone.

Dreading sales calls because they didn’t have a distinct process for closing.

Became exhausted in the constant upheaval of a strategy they just paid for.

Limited by platform knowledge alone without a timeless sales approach that’s platformless.



Useable on every platform. 

Useable in person.

Useable on phone calls.

Useable in Zoom meetings.

Useable, durable, and stable enough to grow with your company.

Your absolute-clients

are absolutely already looking for you

They’re prepared to invest in you.

Are you prepared to invest in your sales structures to be as 

connective, creative, conscious, clear, and communicative as possible?

Are you ready to be timeless?

May we introduce you to…

What’s included in The Timeless Sales Method Course

Four modules and seven in-hand resources


Sales professionals know that in order to close, they have to feel like closing. Sales feel hard because the mind, nervous system, and spirit aren’t ready for the potential of success, a “not right now”, or pure rejection. We’re giving you the processes to walk through before you ever log on or head out to a networking event to connect, collaborate, and close.

From sexy and suspenseful sales psychology to understanding what buyers want and how they want to be served and sold to… this module is so power-packed that it could be a standalone course. We’ll be divulging theories, biases, buyer love languages, perceived value, dominant buying motives, speedy trust, cultivating positive relationships, and more.

This is the module that motivates you to see marketing and sales as a married couple that will forever power play together. From objections to pleasure-awareness content to language that your clientele wants to lean into and what they’re leaning back from.

The vitality and durability of your company will happen here and we’ll be touching on how important it is for you to give the timeless invitation to a client to step through your digital doors for the rest of their brand’s existence. From a consistency plan for all seasons to prepare for sales cycle seasons to client experience, retention, automation, and strategic ascension within your brand… this module will give you the next steps to your company’s legacy.

Is The Timeless Sales Method for you?

You have an offer suite that you’d like to see your community convert into. 

You desire the skill sets to be able to sell multiple offers at once without the fear that you’re ever being known for constantly selling in an ill manner.

You want a sales professional’s understanding of human behavior, patterns, and sales psychology in order to leverage what you know into every launch, every campaign, every call to action, and every individual (or group) environment that you’re selling in.

You want integration between you, your company, and your sales processes from start to finish to truly feel engaged in the practice of selling as much as you are serving.

You desire to feel safe within your selling environments with practices that ground you, prepare you, and light you up to move forward intuitively and instinctively.

You want to build speedy trust with individuals that could absolutely benefit from being your clients, customers, students, and the like.

You want to be able to tell when someone is definitely interested in your offer and when they’re politely telling you that they’re not interested.

You’d like to know how to create relationships that are authentic, real, and yet still rooted in business effectiveness as much as human affection.

You want to know how to begin and continue conversations up to the closing and onboarding experience, making the experience even better for your clientele since the relationship is already there.

You want these skill sets to grow with you as you grow your company.

The Timeless Sales Method grows with you

not with platforms and trends


To prepare you to notice their patterns so you can step in, serve, and sell before your ideal client invests with someone else

To walk you through the connection, content overview of your offer, and closing of your new client

Sans push, sans convincing, empowering you and the client through their fears

To pre-qualify before you’re on a call with an ill-fitting client

What we used in our (now retired) social media management and lead generation agency and what we now use with our consulting clients to help them connect, collaborate, and convert more

The kind of pitch that works (for conversion and collaboration)

To empower you to connect with your absolute-clients, your desired collaborators, and convert both with simplicity

What's it like to be timeless?

This is the same method that’s helped facilitate these timeless transformations

They did the work with the knowledge in hand.


Ash Henry


Ash Henry

I’ve been in marketing, sales, and leadership positions since I was handed my first paycheck at the young age of 15. It was exhilarating to climb the retail, corporate, higher education, and start-up ladder holding positions such as Marketing Strategist, Copywriter, Social Media Strategist, Manager, Editor, Co-Editor…until it wasn’t.

I decided to bring all of my experience into the freelancing world until it became clear that I didn’t just want to pay the bills – I wanted to create a company that was foundationally built on cheetah print, legacy-minded marketing, and sexy sales structures that could stand the test of trend and time. 

And then we started teaching other female entrepreneurs to do the same through our education, our coaching, and our consulting services. 





4 payments of $297

Your company demands your growth, too.

Inside this course is the heartbeat that we believe every creative, visionary brand owner and CEO needs to be able to reconstruct their sales structures for simplicity and ease, but moreover… the first module in this course is focused on you renovating your mind in order to be prepared to serve and sell within your sexy and suspenseful structures that allow for a timelessness effect.

You’re meant to feel safe while selling.

You’re meant to serve your community.

You’re meant to construct a sales process that grows with you.

Your brand is going to need sales – a business doesn’t grow without them.

Disclaimer: Your level of success in attaining the results from any of the TheCheetahCompany services, products, and information depends on, but is not limited to, the time you devote to the program(s) and courses, ideas and techniques used. This does not take into account your own offer-suite, industry, niche, preexisting knowledge, team support, skills, or network. What’s represented on this page (and website) from the TheCheetahCompany team and its advertisers/sponsors are estimates only of what you may be able to possibly earn when the strategies are applied and the support is utilized. Please note that we BELIEVE in your abilities, we fully believe in our strategies, products, and services, but claiming absolute and total success is not an action our team will ever claim since every human and every business is different. We are not saying you can or cannot reach these heights of results as discussed above, but promising in absolutes is not a mark of our brand.

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