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How do you align your life with your business? You can’t. Or you shouldn’t. At least I don’t recommend it. 

Instead, what if you aligned your business with your life? What if your business supported you with more ease than your weighted blanket or your favorite coffee mug on a dark day? 

It can. Yes, I’m talking about your business. The one you have poured your heart and soul into. The one you have performed figurative CPR on more times than we need to count. That business. It does not need to be a vampire of your energy and time but rather a warm cup of goodness on a cozy afternoon. 

I know. I know, mind blowing concept here. 

Owning your own business can feel like the fixer upper you have been working on for 3 years. It never really all gets done. (We still need a few base boards that need painting and new outlet covers over here.) As someone who has lived in a fixer upper the truth is, I love my home and although she is not “done” she is everything I want her to be and everything I need from her. That is enough. 

Can you say the same for your business? 

Do you feel that way about the work you do? Do you know that you are enough? We all find our way into entrepreneurship one way or another. What also happens is that we bring with us our old work ethics and beliefs. The beliefs that we are not enough and that we need to do more. If we aren’t working in every free space of our life, we just aren’t “trying hard enough.”

Let’s change that narrative together, shall we? 

Here’s the truth. You are amazing. You came into this life to be an amazing woman. To share your gifts and energy from your highest and best self. When you live your life around your business, you aren’t living. 

You are surviving. It shows up as needing to stay in control, not taking days off, skipping lunch to just do one more thing. Your relationship, your body, your emotional heart all take a hit.

To go from survival to balanced and true happiness or holistic harmony as they say around here,  you need a little strategy and a few sexy mindset shifts. 

In my own journey, I started out with a brick and mortar wellness center that grew to three locations. I ran a fitness and yoga studio and was the backup for everyone when they couldn’t work.

I now have a virtual mindset and lifestyle coaching business. I know what it feels like to live for my work. When I became a mom, I decided never again. I am living proof that you can have a life and business that live in alignment with one another and support you fully. 

This narrative that we need to hustle more and keep pushing is so 2020. I know you feel this too. It is time to relax into our work. To create from a space of flow and ease. True freedom is yours with a little strategy and a few sexy mindset shifts. Let’s dig in.

First we need to workshop the strategy piece to uncover the truth. Grab a pen, paper and your calendar.

Part 1. Track it.

Without judgment, honestly look at your calendar and write down how many hours you have worked in the last four weeks. 

Then write down how many times you sacrificed your personal life (missed out on events, sleep or skipped a meal) for your work. 

Next, track how many things you do that you do not have to do. Be brutally honest with this one. (For me, as a mindset coach, I personally HAVE to meet my clients and teach my sessions. Everything else could technically be handled by someone else.)

Now write down what you LOVE to do in your business. What brings you to life? Is it connection? Creation? Canva? Writing? Spreadsheets? 

When do you do your best work? AM? PM? Saturday? Monday night? 

Part 2. Your Feelings. 

Your feelings are key here. We create from how we feel more than from what we do. 

Decide how you want to feel in your life. Take your time with this. Day dream about it for a few days. Really get into the feelings and write it down. 

Also take note of what you are doing now that does not feel good. Are you feeling rushed, stretched thin, not creative, stuck? 

What daily/weekly rhythm or balance would you be most proud of in your life and your work? 

What beliefs do you need to release that are not supporting the alignment you are craving? 

Here is the thing, when you are honest about how you want to feel, creating systems to support those feelings becomes easier. 

Part 3. Let’s create alignment.

Combining everything you uncovered in parts 1 and 2, what do you need to do for yourself to feel the way you want to feel? This can mean doing less, resigning from hobbies or obligations for the time being. It can also mean doing more for yourself, like eating lunch. 

Now create the space in your calendar. Take a look at your entire week or month and begin to block in your life time then block in your work time. 

Creating boundaries might trigger some fight or flight. I know. Take a deep breath in and exhale out, welcoming in calm. This exercise does not need to be rushed. 

Finding your truth is worth the time and energy. If you “feel bad” creating boundaries ask yourself why. If you think that there is no way it could be possible for you, try it anyway! 

I am a mom of 3, I run my own company 90% by myself. I set my schedule around when my energy is the best for the work I need to do. I also take into consideration my family and when they need me. I work under 20 hours a week. How in the world do I do it?

Strong boundaries with my expectations, commitments, social media and I keep all notifications turned off. Early on I had to decide what was important for me and never waiver. The things in my business that do not need to be done by me are slowly being outsourced. 

Here’s the thing, you’re amazing. You give 110% more often than not and I firmly believe you deserve to feel 110% all of the time

Our programming teaches us that we need to do more, work harder and burn out. It is time to adopt a new mindset and align your actions with your heart’s desire. 

When you are living your dream life, embodying harmony for yourself and  your life, everything will become more abundant. 

Mindset work and unraveling the inner workings of our subconscious takes commitment.

To quickly build some self awareness and shift your mindset here a few questions I always give my clients to ponder or journal about

  • Why am I like this? What else can I do/be/manifest?
  • What if it were easy?
  • What am I really saying about my time/schedule/ability/limitations/income/impact in my company or my personal life?
  • Are my words/actions/intentions and thoughts in alignment?
  • What is the fear? Is this fear true? Can I let it go, heal it or start to look at it?

A quick word on fear… Fear around your potential and your power as a woman or as the CEO will stop you everytime. Fear is the root cause of your self-sabotage, limiting beliefs, perfectionism and procrastination. Fear is part subconscious, part nervous system, part programming and 100% your option to heal. 

Where there is love, there can be no fear. Keep dedicating time to yourself. Keep tweaking your balance and seeking harmony. Find your truth, align your life and show up fully for yourself and your work. 

If you want to use the exact step-by-step method I use to align my work with my life, here is a link to download my Method of Alignment Guide.

Link for free resource:  


Lyndsey is a mindset and life whisperer. Lyndsey works with women who are craving more in life. Offering both one-on-one and group coaching programs, Lyndsey takes a hands-on supportive approach in her work. As a woman, mom and business owner, she knows how it feels when nothing seems to be going your way. Lyndsey is passionate that her clients feel seen, heard and empowered to live their truth with ease and joy.



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