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Have you ever had a moment with your health, work or relationships where you have just felt
like “why does this keep happening to me?” Or maybe it’s “Why am I this way?”. I mean you are a freaking badass. You work, you can play, and sure, your body gets a little tired along the way-
but no pain, no gain right?

Successful women have no problem pushing the limits. We have supernatural abilities to get
shit done. We have an inner trust and self confidence that can magnetize a room.

But what happens when we feel stuck?

What happens when we feel burnt out?

What happens when we have been so addicted to the hustle and the pendulum swing that we
don’t even know how to juxtapose being in harmony with our work, life, and health.
I get it, I really do.

My work ethic has always been there. Like you, I am a big dreamer. After battling some health
issues as a teen, I knew I wanted to become a nurse. I set my eyes on the city, looking for jobs
in hospitals in Manhattan, where I was determined to fully live a single life in my early 20s.
Flash forward a few months after my college graduation, I got a big nudge from my intuition that
lead me not to move to NYC, to stay in Florida where I was living, and a couple months later I
met my husband.

Life is funny like that isn’t it?

We would get married 18 months after meeting and almost 2 years into my career as a nurse. I
was driven to rise to the top of the corporate ladder and quickly. Driven to make more money
and work as many hours as I could, my days were filled with working overtime and odd jobs. I
had also started my masters program to become a family nurse practitioner. And I was doing 20
mile runs a few days a week, combined with kickboxing.

Does this look like a recipe for a burnout disaster or is it just me?

Sure enough, my health came to a rock bottom crash when I was 27 years old. A medication
reaction led me to being completely riddled with pain, anxiety, numbness and tingling, stomach
issues, insomnia. I had hit rock bottom, and I had hit it hard.

Multiple naturopaths, practitioners, treatments and protocols later, I would find I would make
progress, only to find myself back to what felt like square one shortly thereafter. Diagnosed with
Lyme Disease, mold toxicity, and a whole host of other issues, I found myself desperate to feel
better but in the same way addicted to being in a state of dis-ease.

Let me explain:

Despite all the symptoms and issues, I still found myself disconnected to my body. I couldn’t run,
but I was addicted to the hustle and the high that came with it. I would still press past the
symptoms if it meant I was achieving more, getting shit done, and even getting a handed a few

I remember when I had my first six figure year as an entrepreneur.

And I felt empty. It was a mix of excitement and feeling nauseated. I sacrificed so much for this
and for what? I still felt terrible, my marriage was going to shit, and I really didn’t feel alive doing
what I was doing for work.

The truth is, women are fed a lie in our culture. And that is what we need to throw ourselves into
a dumpster fire to get anywhere in life or to reach our dreams. And that’s exactly what had
happened to my health, I was tired of trying the same old bag of tricks and not getting any results.
And then I was introduced to how nervous system health impacts our overall physical health. I
was intrigued and introduced to brain retraining. It was the one treatment I hadn’t tried AND it
was free.

I started digging into brain work, which led me to somatic work, which led me to then discovering
the huge piece I had been missing all along in my journey: evaluating for the emotional blocks
preventing me from experiencing more health and healing.

Say what?

If this is the first time you have heard of emotional blocks being a part of why you may feel
stuck, or burnt out or continuing to be on this hamster wheel you can’t seem to get off of,
consider yourself ahead of the curve because this is cutting edge info that has been around for
thousands of years in other cultures and is finally making its way over to us.

It feels good to have the inside scoop, am I right? Knowing how emotional blocks impact our
health and wealth is an absolute necessity for you to catapult to your greatest life, and I know
for me, it was the missing link to resolve the chronic health issues I had been dealing with.
You see more often than not, these emotional blocks have been carried by us since childhood.
We now know that the fascia and tissues of the body, basically the glue that holds the body
together, is responsible for storing emotions and trauma. When you experience trapped
emotions or trauma in childhood, in utero, or even generational traumas, these can greatly
impact your DNA and being. Since 95% of our thoughts and actions are actually primed from
the subconscious, it is paramount we focus on the energy and thoughts of our subconscious to
transform our lives and magnetize what we truly want.

I am going to give you a simple 3 step exercise you need to know to start working on
discovering these, acknowledging them, and how to start working through them (and I am even
including my most popular free guide for you that will take things to another level of healing and

1.When you think about something you want to achieve when it comes to your health or wealth
(or both!),what are some limiting thoughts and beliefs that start coming up for you? If there is
more than one, write them down. With each limited belief start to access what you feel in your
body when you think or reflect on this. Where do you feel it in your body? Do you notice any
areas of restriction? 95% of our thoughts actually come from the subconscious, so our day to
day patterns and actions are actually primed from here; our body will give us visceral clues
when something feels unsettling, and when we pay attention to them, we can gain a lot of
information to help us!

2.Now that you have started developing awareness of limited beliefs and where you may feel or
experience them in the body, it is time to tap in and hold space for where this has possibly come
up for you before. Side note- SO proud of you for keeping with this process, I know it is newer!
So when you think about those limited beliefs or thoughts with your health or business (or
something else), where can you access that you have experienced it before? Maybe this is not
feeling like you are doing enough, or having a hard time speaking up for yourself or sharing your
needs. Whatever it is, where have you experienced this in your life before? One or multiple
memories may come up here. That’s ok- sit with them, hold space for them, notice them.

3.Ok now that we have done the work of accessing these memories and beliefs that are coming
up, I want you to reflect on (a little bit of my metaphysical health coaching coming in here
because we are supporting physical healing with addressing the thoughts and beliefs!) what
could you give that younger version of you from what you know now to help support what she
were feeling.

Maybe it was an experience, wisdom, or a tool that would be able to support
exactly what the younger version of yourself needed. Take your time here, really holding space
and allowing for whatever needs to come up to come up. There is a quote from Sir William Osler
that says “The organs weep the tears the eyes refuse to shed”, and it couldn’t be more
accurate. Your body will hold anything you are not releasing or any incomplete trauma cycle.

You did it!

You completed a beginning exercise to start bringing more awareness to areas within
your body and patterns that are keeping you stuck, whether in your health, wealth or

Most of us learned to suppress emotions, not access them, so this may feel very
new or strange, and that’s ok. This is incredible healing work you get to access for yourself and
it will be incredible legacy work you get to give to your family and community.

This is profound and powerful work, and once you start digging in you will be hungry for more
because it is likely no one has introduced the tools I am about to give you. In my Unlock Your
Inner Healer guide, you will get even more tools to start unlearning the stories and attachments
that are likely keeping you stuck or sick.

If you are ready for transformation and expansion, look no further- this is going to start setting you up for just that:

Bottom line: You absolutely can unlearn dis-ease. The addiction to busy and burnout. The
stories and attachments no longer serving you. And you absolutely can be experiencing a
different way of being when it comes to your work and relationships.

And you know what’s the best part?

You hold the key.

I can’t wait to hear how the Unlock your Inner Healer Guide helps you and to be in touch. And remember:
“The wound is the place the light enters you” -Rumi


Lindsay Tuttle. Health and wellness.

Lindsay Tuttle is a family nurse practitioner, mind body spirit release practitioner and holistic
health practitioner who focuses on the whys behind the its when it comes to your health,
healing, relationships, work, and the in between. She created her comprehensive Recalibration
Method TM approach to be able to help clients actualize and create new stories and states of
being to vibrationally match to exactly what they want in life. When she isn’t helping others with
discovering their inner healer, Lindsay enjoys time on her homestead in North Idaho with her
husband, three boys, and lots of goats, chickens, bunnies, and sheep.

Contact info:
Tik Tok: @lindsaytuttlenp_
Link to free Unlock Your Inner Healer Guide:

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