Embracing Harmony: Navigating Life’s Rhythms Through Cyclical Alignment

I used to thrive on getting things done. 

That rush of creativity, the satisfaction of being productive, my love for the work—all of that fueled me it was like a badge of honor. So, naturally, I kept at it, piling task upon task, being the YES man, until my calendar looked like a puzzle missing white spaces. But here’s the twist: amidst all this, I started feeling drained, withdrawn, and strangely detached from the joy that once fueled my endeavors.

Have you ever been there?

In a world that glorifies ceaseless effort as the ultimate route to success, I found myself in a life that felt foreign, far from what I cherished. It took not just one, but two bouts of burnout, a profound soul upheaval, and myriad tears for me to realize that something needed to change. That’s when I stumbled upon Alisa Vitti’s concept of cyclical living—a game-changing revelation that shifted my perspective and opened the door to a whole new way of existence.

Cyclical living is beautifully simple yet immensely impactful: it’s about syncing ourselves with the rhythms weaving through our lives. Imagine this: your body is akin to a symphony of rhythms, from the steady beat of your heart to the tranquil flow of your breath. Every facet of your being dances to a rhythm, just like the world around us. Seasons transition, each a testament to this natural choreography of existence.

Living cyclically is an ongoing dance with awareness. You’re tuning into different cycles—whether it’s your menstrual flow, your body’s internal clock, or life’s twists and turns. It’s like having a secret map to decipher your internal landscape. And guess what? It makes navigating life as a woman a whole lot smoother.

Understanding the nuances of your menstrual cycle is akin to uncovering a hidden treasure trove, especially for those who may not have been previously enlightened. As women decode the mysteries of their hormonal rhythm, unfolding over approximately 28 days and embracing four distinct phases, a world of empowerment emerges. Embracing this cycle heralds a profound shift—it grants a deep understanding of your body’s predictable transformations during menstruation and beyond. This knowledge is pivotal, enabling you to live in sync with your cyclical biology. It’s a transformative moment, a call to embrace essential wisdom and reshape the way you honor and harmonize with your beautiful, cyclical body.

So, how do you harness your cyclical biology to navigate life and business?

Let’s delve into your Cycle…

Your period isn’t solely about bleeding; it’s a sequence of phases spanning the month: the follicular, ovulatory, luteal, and menstrual phases. While each cycle slightly differs (no perfect lengths or exact days for each phase!), a typical cycle spans around 26 to 32 days.

As seasons shift, so does your cycle.

“Spring” – The Follicular Phase (7-10 days)

It initiates right after your period ends and leads to ovulation. It signifies a fresh cycle’s commencement! Initially, hormone levels are at their lowest, but as ovulation approaches, especially estrogen, gradually ascends. This elevation thickens the uterus lining, preparing the body for ovulation!

Emotionally & Productivity – A time for new beginnings! Energy surges, brimming with fresh ideas, motivation, creativity, and enthusiasm.

“Summer” – The Ovulatory Phase (3-4 days)

A brief phase when fertility peaks, allowing conception!

Emotionally & Productivity – High estrogen levels usher in confidence, sociability, flirtatiousness, and radiance.

“Fall” – The Luteal Phase (roughly 10-14 days)

After ovulation until your period begins, it’s the longest stretch. Initially, estrogen and progesterone ascend. Progesterone’s dominance sets the stage for shedding the uterus lining and the impending bleed. As hormone levels dwindle, pre-period energy ebbs.

Emotionally & Productivity – Focus on tying up loose ends, paying attention to details, and project completion. While hyper-focused on analytics initially, as hormones decrease, so does energy, leaning towards introversion.

“Winter” – The Menstrual Phase (on average 3-7 days)

The bleeding phase! Hormones dip, energy bottoms out, and your body yearns for added nourishment and rest.

Emotionally & Productivity – Lower hormones heighten communication between your brain’s hemispheres, amplifying intuition, sensitivity, and inner guidance.

Each phase brings a unique vibe, strengths, and rhythms, making it a captivating journey navigating our bodies’ natural cycles!

Embracing cyclical living should never become another yardstick to measure yourself against. The moment “shoulds” sneak in, hinting at old perfectionist habits, it’s time to pause. This practice insists on approaching it with self-kindness. It’s not about performance; it’s about awareness—a journey into self-compassion regardless of where you are or how you feel.

Approach cyclical living with an open, inquisitive mind. Challenges will arise, but meeting them with tenderness is crucial. It’s a dance, not a rigid set of rules. Keep exploring, keep adapting. Cyclical living honors awareness, flexibility, and the beauty of embracing your unique rhythm. It extends an ongoing invitation to celebrate your individual journey.


Alicia Thomas, is a dedicated Board CertifiedFunctional Hormone Specialist, Holistic Health Practitioner and Functional Nutritionist. Beyond her professional roles, Alicia embraces the roles of a wife and a mother to three wonderful souls.

Her mission revolves around empowering individuals to delve deeper into understanding their bodies. Alicia aims to equip people with the knowledge and confidence necessary to navigate their unique paths to wellness. As an enthusiastic educator and investigator, her focus is on unraveling the intricacies of female physiology, recognizing its distinctive needs, and emphasizing that women are not simply smaller versions of men.

What ignites Alicia’s passion is guiding and empowering women to rediscover their bodies and intuition. Employing a root cause approach, natural healing routines, functional nutrition, and the profound principles of functional medicine, she seeks to illuminate the pathway to hormonal balance.

Central to her philosophy is the unshakable belief that each individual possesses the innate ability to restore their body’s harmony through the magic of nutrition & unraveling the root to their hormonal imbalances. Alicia envisions this journey towards healing as a joint venture, discovering the reservoir of vitality dwelling within each person.

With the aim of infusing health, wisdom, and well-being into every stride, Alicia extends an invitation to embark on this transformative journey together. As a steadfast companion, she’s dedicated to accompanying and supporting individuals on an empowering voyage towards a healthier, happier self.

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