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Cleaning Up Your Energy Around Social Media

Guest Feature by Jaymie Sutherland. I’d seen others do it, but honestly couldn’t fathom it – delete everyone I was following on Instagram?! What if I never find them again? What if I miss out on some epic piece of content? What if?

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Building a Company Designed to Last

Guest Feature by Ashton Smith. Here’s what I’ve noticed: so much of the information in the online space is designed to help people build a One Hit Wonder Business. When the conversation is predominantly about trends and virality without consideration for sustainable methods that prioritize the long-term trajectory of the company, we’re simply missing the mark.

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The #3 Mistakes Keeping You Overwhelmed on Social Media

Guest Feature by Lucia Doynel. There’s a bunch of advice out there about taking the best selfies and the highest performing reels or TikToks… But none of that helps if you feel horrible every time you take out your camera. That’s why I’m so excited to walk through the top 3 mistakes I’ve noticed on social media.

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Are You Fluent in Social Media Marketing?

The fluency of your skills can be shifted from platform to platform, but if you’re only skilled in finding the perfect hashtags, following the trends, and hoping for views then we’re not working with a social media strategy. 

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Content Converts for Me, Right?

Content IS king in the way that Bill Gates described it: the Internet is indeed a marketplace for content, however, in the rising competitive marketplace that now exists…we know that content is only one portion of the journey.

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Case Study: From Over-Contented to Over-Booked

A client came to us in early 2021, we’ll notate her as M throughout this case study, seeking to move from a lot of unnecessary content creation to a streamlined marketing and sales strategy that would result in more clientele and less content creation. 

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