The Money Alone Doesn’t Guarantee Prosperity, Only You Can Do That

Angela H. Money in Business.

There’s a very distinct gap between the life and business we want and the money we earn.

You envision…

→ peace, security, and abundance for you and your family

→ regular, joyful vacations away from the business to replenish and build core memories

→ a business that funds a prosperous life and has the ability to impact people for years to come

Those things, I know you know, don’t happen by accident, do they?

They take an intentional, concentrated vision and consistent action which aligns with that vision. 

And it’s exceptionally hard to do without a money plan to back it up.

You spend your time, effort, and energy building a business and the online world is constantly and consistently pleading with you to earn more money to fix all your problems.

What’s rarely mentioned (hello, it’s me standing in the void) is: here’s what to DO with that money to actually solve those problems.

Earning the money doesn’t inherently fix them

In fact, we’re faced with the strange phenomenon of nearly half of six figures earners living paycheck to paycheck. 

And marketing and messaging of “make $10kand months…” coming from business owners who are making $10kand/month and going deeper and deeper into debt – you just don’t see that side.

I tell you this because it’s exceptionally common. 

And yet….we only want to talk about how to EARN the money

…and not how to MANAGE the money.

Because you can make $60k a year and be in a far better position financially than someone making $600k. 

The money you make matters far less than what you do with it.

Now, you’re probably asking yourself, “Why do I need to learn this skill?”

We weren’t formally taught financial literacy, much less how to manage BUSINESS finances and personal finances.

It feels complicated.

You weren’t taught to be a CFO (Chief Financial Officer).

& the majority of us aren’t exactly “math people.”

Let me tell you something that’s going to both ruin your day AND change your life and business forever. 

Today, I may ruin your day. 

But, tomorrow, your new future begins from this knowledge:

Picture with me the money environment you grew up in.

Your parents, your family members, your siblings.

Your home, the experiences you had, the conversations around the table.

The stress & anxiety around money. The uncertainty. The tension hanging in unsaid conversations. The abundance that didn’t create fulfillment.

Okay, you have that picture and feeling in your heart?

If you could go back as the person you are now and tell your parents ONE thing that they could do that would have drastically and positively impacted their well-being, their relationship, their prosperity, their health, and by extension, YOU….what would you tell them?

Now, picture for me YOUR current money environment.

Your home, your experiences, the conversations around the table.

The stress & anxiety around money. The uncertainty. The tension hanging in unsaid conversations with your loved ones. The abundance that’s not creating fulfillment. 

What if you started thinking and treating yourself like someone you deeply loved and cared about?

What’s the advice and guidance you would give to anyone else you loved who felt scared, intimidated, not enough, not smart enough, afraid to earn more money, not good enough at math, and didn’t see the impact that ignoring their money was having on them and their ability to build a good, rich, abundant life?

What would you tell them over a cup of hot coffee with a heart full of intention?

And TAKE IT. It’s yours. There’s no permission slip needed.

& if it’s come down to YOU to break the pattern of money….well, that’s a worthy cause.

Because that skill set will touch dang near everything in your life and dang near everything in your business. 

→ your ability to provide exceptionally well for your family

→ peace, stability, and security

→ a business that lasts the test of time

→ a home filled with things that enrich your life, productive conversations around the table, long-lasting wealth and knowledge passed along to the next generation so they can thrive

→ money given to the causes that you care deeply about

You can’t give the next generation the tools for prosperity without first taking it upon yourself to learn them first. 

You’re the foundation. 

So, how do you start building that foundation?

Journal, meditate, or discuss with a friend (if you need a money friend, you can always come slide on into my DM’s 👀)…

  • What is your ideal vision for your life? Essentially, what do you want money to do for you? Is the path you’re currently on with your money leading you in that direction?
  • Are you endlessly chasing the next highest income month? What’s the end of that pursuit? If the amount you’re making now hasn’t afforded you additional prosperity, what gaps in your money plan/knowledge/skillset/mindset could be impacting your ability to do so?
  • And revisit the thought prompt IN this blog post – what would you tell someone you love who is having similar stresses, thoughts, concerns, needs, desires and wants with their money?

Tangible action you can take today, this week, this month…

  • Outline your top 3, tangible things you’d love for your money to do for you, this year.
    • Pay off your debt 
    • Build a business emergency fund or a “slow season” fund so you can take your foot off the gas every once in a while
    • Quarterly vacations with the fam (without client work and without stressing about making sales as soon as you get home)
  • Think about your “paydays” and the process you go through as you pay yourself
    • Write down 1-2 priorities you can commit to making progress toward each time you pay yourself.
    • If you don’t currently have a process, I recommend starting out by pulling up your last three months of business and life expenses and income and finding out what those amounts are each month. 
    • Your next step is usually revealed to you here…maybe one of your payday priorities is to pre-pay your business coach because the week that the invoice falls is really expense-heavy and maybe it’s to outline your grocery budget and meal plan because you discovered you’re spending more money than you’re comfortable with on food and it’s affecting your ability to save!

Key Takeaways

  • The amount of money you make matters less than what you do with it.
  • Learning the skill set of managing your money will touch every area of your life and business and allow you to create long-term wealth and prosperity.
  • You can’t change generational money patterns if you’re not willing to be the foundation of that change. 
  • Earning a specific amount of money isn’t going to guarantee you the life you’ve envisioned; it takes YOU in the driver’s seat, telling your money how to build that life and business. 


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