How to Scale & Create Flow with a High Performing Virtual Team

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So, you’re ready to scale (or have started scaling) your business and realize the importance of having a high performing team that’s really going to support your success and create more flow in your life.

Because the reality is – your vision for your business when you first started is very different from what reality turned out to be.

You were probably in the corporate world (or trying to avoid it) when you decided that branching out on your own made more sense. Begging for time off and basically feeling like a slave to work just didn’t feel right in your soul.

So you started your business and quickly realized – there’s A LOT to do. So you put your head down, got to work and as a result, you’re seeing a lot of the success you’ve wanted to see.

But when you’re scaling your business, being stuck in the weeds is the quickest way to block your ability to attract more success. As the CEO, you need time to be inspired, to create strategy, to hone your vision, to be more visible. And you need time for YOU (hello self care!) and for the people & things that light you up.

All of that is possible with a high performing team that truly gets results. And after building and managing teams for over 10 years, both in corporate and virtually, I know that getting the best of each team member doesn’t happen by chance – it happens by design.

Whether you have an existing team or you’re just getting started, keep reading to familiarize yourself with what needs to be in place to make team building as effective (and fun!) as it should be while you scale to the next level.

Because I believe you can have it all – the type of impact, money, relationships, travel and overall lifestyle you desire – when you have the right support and the know-how to keep it that way.

What NOT to Do While Building Your Team

Before we get into what I encourage you to do, let’s talk about some of the ways you may be sabotaging your ability to build the high performing team that you really need in order to scale your business effectively and sustainably. Then I’ll share what to do, instead.

Hiring only based on need & skills

I know it seems backwards but it’s better to have a less experienced team member that is fully aligned with your business vision, mission & values than it is to have an expert that isn’t on the same page. Anyone can learn new & master skills, but you cannot teach character.

Dismissing Energetics

Let’s not forget that we each have unique energetic blueprints that speak to how we best work (amongst other things) and that looks different for everyone. A huge part of what has worked in my experience, is when we learn to work with our differences rather than trying to treat or make everyone operate the same. When you learn more about your own AND your team members’ energetic signatures, you’ll finally be able to take your business to the levels you’re currently dreaming about, along with being able to speed up the time in which it happens.

Expecting team members to be “proactive” without direction or the right systems in place

This may be obvious to some, but it needs to be said: your team members can’t read your mind. That’s why it’s important that you know what you want done and that you have accountability systems in place, so you make it easy for your team to honor their commitments and get the results you’re looking for specifically.

Expecting team members to be perfect – no development / empowerment from you

Not only is perfection unrealistic, but every relationship has some friction while you learn how to best work with each other. As you scale & build your team, you’ll have to get comfortable with being the kind of leader that empowers your team members and encourages personal development.

The 4 Pillars to a High Performing Virtual Team

After tons of research and working with teams for years, I’ve found that creating flow and getting your team to perform its best work, comes down to 4 pillars. Without any one of these pillars in place, it will be hard for your team to support you at the level you need to be able to scale and achieve that big picture vision you have in mind.

I call it the F.L.O.W. framework and I use it to help my scaling clients create (you guessed it!) more flow in their business, in their team and ultimately, in their lives.

Fine-Tune Your Foundation

When it comes to scaling with a team, you want to feel confident about the foundation of your business. Although most of us have heard it, it’s worth repeating that getting crystal clear on your business’ reason for being and what your big picture vision is, is imperative. Being able to weave this into everything you do ensures that the team has a common goal and that everyone is on the same page about why that goal is important and the part they play in making it a success.

But one of the steps that isn’t talked about enough, is how to strengthen your foundation by getting crystal clear on the kind of support YOU need specifically to be a strong CEO and feel good in your business. Some powerful questions to ask yourself are:

  • Am I clear on what my business purpose and overall vision is?
  • Do I know where I’m strong and where I’m challenged (ie. the bottleneck in your business)?
  • What kind of work am I designed to do and in what ways do I best do it?
  • What kind of people need to be in place so that I am consistently at my best?

For instance, through Human Design (my favorite self-exploration system that helps you understand what makes you unique), I learned and finally accepted what I always felt deep down – I have the energy for strategy and managing projects, but not so much the nitty gritty details. So I’ve leaned into that and am intentional about ensuring that I have the right team members in place to handle what I don’t do well naturally. And it feels amazing!

THIS is how you hire based on need and not just based on skill.

Which brings me to my next point…

Learn to Leverage

By better understanding your own energetics and what needs to be in place to have a strong business foundation, you are better able to leverage the natural strengths & skills of those you work with to scale in a way that feels good for all involved.

I’ve learned that it’s a lot simpler to identify how to work with anyone to get the best results, once you know how people are uniquely designed to show up in the world. Some businesses use personality tests, some use energetics like Astrology or Human Design and others use a mixture. Whichever route you take, getting to know your team on a deeper level is imperative if you want to ensure that you have the right people in the right places while scaling your business to the next level.

Questions to ask yourself here are:

  • What systems do I have in place to understand my team on deeper levels?
  • Do I ask for and receive feedback on my behavior and how it impacts others?
  • Do I have a system or practices in place to recognize my team in ways that are unique to them?

Optimize Your Ops

Making the decision to scale without being optimized for productivity is the quickest way to burnout. Having a team is not enough – your systems & operations need to be solid in order to not cause more damage while growing. And as the leader, it’s your job to ensure that every team member has what they need to do their job effectively.

To determine if your business is optimized for productivity, ask yourself:

  • Do I know what needs doing and am I being clear on expectations?
  • Do I / we meet deadlines?
  • Do I have systems & tools in place that are easy to use & encourage high levels of productivity?

Walk the Walk

Last, but certainly not least in the F.L.O.W. framework is that you have to be willing to walk the walk as the leader of your business. That is the work you’ve signed up to do by embarking on this journey and deciding to build a team and scale.

It’s not enough for you to “set it and forget it.” It’s important that you consistently do the work to embody the characteristics of the kind of leader that you would have wanted when working for someone else.

The kind that creates an environment that is open for communication.

That kind that empowers your team members and encourages them to be their best selves.

The kind that honors your own intuition and your true inner self.

Because you know that’s how you’ll have the impact you’re meant to have – while still having it all.

The only question left to ask is…are you ready?


Hey, there gorgeous! I’m Sasha and like countless other women, I started my online business with a vision of sipping Rum Punch on the beach & enjoying my life with loved ones.

But also like countless other women, I realized running your own business can get overwhelming quick – without the right structure and team.

So I married what I learned in the corporate world with what I know about energetics to create a framework that helps women scale while creating more flow in your business – by showing you how to build a team & operations aligned to (mostly) your Human Design.

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