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Do you feel behind?

About a year ago, I found myself in my office late in the evening. I’d spent all day on meetings, serving clients all around the world, and delivering strategies to their inboxes. It was a rewarding day. It was a fulfilling day. It was a day that once upon a time I could only dream of. 

And yet, I found myself scrolling through Instagram, catching glimpses of all the things I hadn’t done and sitting with the feeling of: “I’m so behind.” The content in front of me told me:

“You need to be on Clubhouse.” 

“Diversify your efforts. You need omnipresence.”

“You don’t have automations streamlined? Yikes.”

“Professional branding is required to scale.”

“Passive is the new black.”

And when I sat my phone down, a small voice inside me said: “What if you did all that you could today and simply let it be enough?” Talk about a punch to the gut. I realized just how out of my lane and in the noise I was. How disconnected I had gotten from my vision. My priorities. My season.

Can you relate?

Today, the conversation is about leveraging trending audio to go viral, pumping out consistent reels on Instagram, and the mass movement over to TikTok. Are you tired yet?

Here’s what I’ve noticed: so much of the information in the online space is designed to help people build a One Hit Wonder Business. When the conversation is predominantly about trends and virality without consideration for sustainable methods that prioritize the long-term trajectory of the company, we’re simply missing the mark. 

And we can do better. 

The online space has set the standard of the constant chase. We’re chasing high income months, new tactics, viral trends, profits, and quick growth. But short-term vision based on what’s new and trendy will only get you so far. 

Who cares if you go viral if the business isn’t standing a year from now? (Who remembers the rise and fall of Clubhouse)? Who cares how much profit you generate this month if you don’t have any lined up for the next six? Who cares how many views you get if it isn’t leading to quality relationships with true impact?

It’s time for a change. It’s time to rise to a new standard. 

It’s time to build a company designed to last – one that is deeply rooted in a vision that goes beyond the founder and to the greater impact desired. One that is designed for sustainability, not only in its infrastructure but in the energy it requires from you. One that is known for standing its ground, making its mark, and paving the way. 

It’s time to think bigger. 

In this blog, we’re going to walk through five key foundations and principles required to build a sustainable, long-lasting company. Turn off your notifications, grab your notebook, and decide to be truly present for the next few minutes. Big shifts to come. 


If you saw the word “vision” and rolled your eyes and / or were tempted to scroll on by, you may need this the most. Vision is one of those things you hear people discuss ALL the time. And because of that, you can become desensitized to its importance. 

But without vision, what’s the point?

There is a lot of dialogue in the online space about getting visible, generating leads, landing sales, scaling your revenue, and ultimately growing your brand. But what is it all for? Why grow it? If it’s for money (alone), we need to reevaluate. If it’s for accolades, we need to recalibrate. If it’s for fun, we need to go deeper. 

The most successful companies – that survive and THRIVE for decades – are the ones deeply motivated by a mission they are truly connected and committed to. Their goals go beyond money, visibility, and goals met and go deeper to mission, impact, and legacy

Take this prompt to your journal → “What is the deeper WHY behind your business? If you were to have ALL the money, visibility, and customers you desired, what would be your driving force?”


It may seem weird that we’re talking about energetics when considering growth for your company. But let me assure you, it’s one of the most important pieces. Without thought for your actual and desired energy allocation in your business, we’re neglecting one of the most important pieces required to sustainably grow. 

Let’s look through a couple of lenses together:

Short-Term Energetics: What does your lifestyle look like right now? How much energy do you actually have available? How are you considering these factors in the way you are presently building your company? For example, we work with a lot of moms at The Awakening. On the flipside, we also work with a lot of young professionals. The way we strategize for their business, the initiatives, projects, and goals we work on together, are going to look drastically different. Don’t craft expectations that exceed the energy you have available.  

Long-Term Energetics: What do you want your business to feel like in the future? What energy do you want to allocate to it? What foundations are you creating now in order to pave the way to that reality? For example, if you know you want to have an in-house team of 5 people and only work 20 hour weeks, you will need to craft your infrastructure, team, and service suite accordingly. 


Have you ever said “I’m too busy?” I think we can all relate. But here’s what I’ve noticed: we often use this phrase as an excuse for why we can’t do something that we desire to get done. Often “I’m too busy” simply means “It’s not a priority.” 

What if you gave yourself the permission to CHOOSE how you were spending your time? Time is a limited resource, and so it is extremely important that we have powerful boundaries around what receives our time, effort, and energy. 

What are the top 1-3 priorities in your business right now? (Do not exceed three). These need to be your focus and guiding light. Shut out the noise and distractions. Stay in your lane and give yourself the permission to make time for them. This is your business after all, and you get to call the shots.

Read this post for more insight on maximizing your productivity and profits.


It can’t be ALL hustle without REST. Growing your company is all about the ebb and flow. The coexistence of life and business working TOGETHER. 

It’s work AND rest. 

It’s consistency AND time off. 

It’s building AND playing. 

The two must be integrated in order for you to maintain the energy, stamina, and passion required to build a long-lasting company. Are you in a PUSH or a PULL season right now? How are you making room to give yourself what you need in order to spearhead your growth? How are you prioritizing joy and presence in the journey?


You’ll notice I saved profit for last. This wasn’t by accident, but intentional design. The truth? Generating profit for your business is the easy part. It’s so much of the above that takes real work. 

But of course, companies designed to last are profitable, and they have a very close eye on their finances so they can make informed decisions and moves in their business. When it comes to generating profit, you need to look at what (a solid offer) is generating the profit? Where (traffic and lead sources) is it coming from? How (sales tactics and methods) are you and your team facilitating this process?

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Key Takeaways

  • Trends and virality will only get you so far. Sustainable methods prioritizing the long-term trajectory of your company help you create a business designed to last. 
  • You need a meaningful vision acting as the driving force of your business.
  • A sustainable business should be centered around your actual and desired energetics as the Founder and CEO.
  • You don’t have to do it all. In fact, doing LESS and prioritizing WELL will lead to depth of impact for your people. Stay in your lane.
  • Embrace the ebb and flow of entrepreneurship. Life and business must coexist together in a powerful way in order to be enjoyed and ensure growth.
  • To drive profit, identify the what, where, and how. And go deeper with our 90-Day Profit Planner.

In conclusion, this is your permission slip to ditch the pressure, chasing, and trending strategies. Instead, fixate your precious energy on trailblazing your own way and building a company of true purpose, impact, and vision. Lay legacy-focused foundations. You’re not here to be a One Hit Wonder. You’re here to spearhead a movement. You’re here to build a company designed to STAND the test of time.


Ashton Smith is the CEO and founder of The Awakening, a platform dedicated to helping women in business build intentionally so they can leave a powerful legacy behind.

She helps early stage all the way to established entrepreneurs own their power as CEO, deeply connect with their vision, & sustainably scale their business.

She has served hundreds of entrepreneurs across the globe over the last few years, and she’s really passionate about revolutionizing life and business for the Soulful Woman.

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