Introducing the Timeless Sales Experience

Where we’re curating your sexy & suspenseful sales structures

An enveloping & intimate experience
November 7th – November 10th, 2022

Replays are available, but you’re encouraged to attend live for the enveloping experience of being alongside high-level individuals that are as interested in creating their timeless sales approach as you are.

You already have the rest:

The offer suite, the client experience, the daily, weekly, quarterly, and annual plans, the strategic support, but now you’re seeking to move away from so-and-so clientele and into the high-end experience, with classy high-level individuals that make your heart pitter patter with purpose and fulfillment… would you say that’s correct?

Luxury is notated in branding, experience, and delivery, and yet many are selling without a timeless sales method to match the luxury experience they’ve crafted in their brand and client experience.

We’re boldly inviting you to consider what luxury means to you and whether or not your sales process is just as lux as your branding.

Intimacy meets instinct and insight within this four-day experience:

We’ll be diving into the timeless sales method through live teachings of our upcoming sales course within an intimate group of entrepreneurs seeking to increase their capability to:

Support their nervous systems before selling

Craft sexy and suspenseful sales structures rooted in sales psychology

Implement structures that grow with them, with ease

To marry marketing and sales together as the power couple they’re meant to be 

all while

being deeply connected to their practical approach.

Crafting Your Timelessness

The timeless sales approach is the same approach we’ve consulted our multi-5, 6, and 7-figure clients to utilize within varying industries and we’re bringing portions of that approach to you throughout this four-day event.

Our clients are almost always individuals that harmonize their creativity with a methodical and prudent approach. 


With a decade of experience in leadership, sales, and marketing, working with leaders like you that are craving more depth in their client relationships, online communities, and curated experiences, we’re bringing riveting sessions three out of four days, with a day for Q&A, networking, and intimate evolution in one digital room.

Your Timeless Experience Itinerary

DAY 1:

Supporting your nervous systems before your sales systems

DAY 2:

Sexy and suspenseful sales structures married to sales psychology

DAY 3:

In-Session implementation of all that you’re learning

DAY 4:

How to make your marketing and sales structures a power couple

& then we’re over-delivering:

A workbook that advances you to tactically move forward during the enveloping experience

Daily prizes from industry leaders, lottery-style, for the attendees that show up and work

Quite a few surprises will be reserved for those that reserve their spot

Meet Your Host 
Coach, Consultant, Speaker


Ashleigh Henry has been in marketing, sales, and leadership positions for the last decade and it was exhilarating for Ashleigh to climb the retail, corporate, higher education, and start-up ladder holding positions such as Marketing Strategist, Copywriter, Social Media Strategist, Manager, Editor, Co-Editor…until it wasn’t. 

Alongside her marketing degree, Ashleigh decided to bring all of her experience into the freelancing world until it became clear that she didn’t just want to pay the bills – she wanted to create a company that was foundationally built on cheetah print, legacy-minded marketing, and sexy sales structures that could stand the test of trend and time. 

The Cheetah Company, founded by Ashleigh, does this for female entrepreneurs through their education, coaching, and consulting services. Learn more about Ashleigh here.

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