We allow for the antiquated ways of marketing and sales to be dismissed while excellence, modernistic, and all the rage strategies take the stage.

We allow for the antiquated ways of marketing and sales to be dismissed while excellence, modernistic, and all the rage strategies take the stage.

The mark of brands that outlast the test of time aren’t made on viral trends.

They’re not made on one-hit wonder sales months.

Timeless brands are created through foundational practices, which is why we consult you to have foundational structures instead of trendy structures.

Angela H. Money in Business.

We strategically align with our consulting clientele to review their marketing and sales structures from the ground up to find the gaps that are causing sales-leaks, ill-marketing positioning, and lackluster conversations and conversions.

We have crafted our cheetahlicious consulting containers around our absolute-clients that have incredible offers, products, and services that are being unseen in the marketplace to ensure that visibility, knowing, connection, relationship, conversion, and certain achievability are finally pillars in the business.

How we can work together

These sessions are our version of intensive sessions to give you the ability to share what you’re walking through within your marketing and sales structures that feels “off”. 

We have supported many female founders in this experience and founders walk away from the experience feeling seen, heard, and supported with a strategic plan based on their specific needed solutions, implementation support for two weeks post-session, and deliverables based on the strategic plan. 

This is usually a great session to start with if you’re seeking to become rooted in your strategic messaging to your overall clientele regarding current or upcoming offers, desired plans for campaign launches, and overall strategic asset support to give you a pathway to create aligned marketing and sales structures. 

Think along the lines of conceptualizing one major goal into an executable plan for you to implement within the two weeks of implementation support or review during the implementation support for any arising questions. 

Many of our power session clients have constructed strategic launches, authentic connection strategies, email marketing strategies, social media marketing strategies, and strategic sales planning within this container. 

This container is ideal for established brands with consistent revenue and a structured sales process that are seeking to take the high-level, strategic consideration and conceptualization of their marketing off of their desk. 

With offers that exist already (or are upcoming), we’d be honored to take your vision and craft it into an actionable execution plan that you and your team can execute. 

Think of your last 90 days of marketing…did you consistently output creative, strategic, sexy marketing for your community that serves, tells, and sells your service suite? If not, reach out about this offer.

If you’re not an established brand with consistent revenue and a structured sales process, a Power Session may be more ideal for you at this time.

To serve these clients best we’re seeking to limit the spots. We’ll craft the plan for your 90 days of marketing, and you’ll have the honor of executing with your team to keep an agency retainer off of your expense tracker.

These containers are specifically designed and crafted for established entrepreneurs that are seeking the highest level of support from Ashleigh Henry. 

This space is intimate and usually coveted as Ashleigh only accepts a limited amount of 1:1 client at a time so she can be fully inundated with the female founder and her brand. 

Our 1:1 consulting containers have been specifically structured to give the female founder a place and space to review their marketing and sales structures at large, to create a tangible arena for envisioning the brand in its current stage and where it’s going. 

Private consulting containers are available for 6, 9, and 12 months at a time and many of our clients have been with us for 9-15+ months. 

Think along the lines of authentic connection strategies, client journey (and elevation), creative conceptualization, data-driven marketing strategies, intentional public relation campaigns, moving messaging, probing and positioning for strategic sales, service-focused storytelling, and sales psychology and skills for higher conversions. 

We’ve helped many female founders achieve their four, five, six, multi-six, and seven-figure goals within this container, but for us, we love seeing female founders walk away with skills that they can trust for the duration of their entrepreneurial life because we teach timeless strategies that marry alongside trends instead of the other way around.

Empowered Consulting

offering our skills to you to empower you
to powerfully own your digital spaces

Authentic Connection Strategies 

Automation Structures 

Brand Atmosphere and Development

Client Journey and Elevation

Client Experience and Success

Connection-Driven Content Planning


Creative Conceptualization

Data-Driven Marketing

Digital Marketing Strategy

Editorial Planning

Email Marketing Strategy

Influencer Campaigns

In-person Event Structuring

Intentional Public Relation Campaigns

Mindset to Market & Sell

Moving Messaging

Probing and Positioning

Sales Skills for Higher Conversions

Sales Psychology for Higher Conversions

Service-Focused Storytelling

Social Media Strategy

Strategic Communication

Strategic Marketing and Sales Planning


We connect with all potential private consulting clients before you can receive a contract and investment plan in your inbo because we want to ensure that you’re in the right season, established enough for consulting, and ready for the energetic commitment the investment needs from you for your goals to become actualized.


We’ll be connecting with you to ensure that we understand your skill set gaps, to map out a customized plan of action based on your season of business, your leader profile, and how you learn and conceptualize new information into practice.


All of the details taken care of, we can now dig into our private consultancy to create marketing and sales structures, strategies, and tactics that work for you, your season of business, your team (and how you lead said team), all while ensuring that you have holistic harmony in your life and business (that way your business isn’t taking over your life)


One of our previous clients deemed me as having “poppin’ champagne always” energy, therefore, together we’ll be popping champagne, celebrating wildly on our calls + private conservations, and pausing to ENJOY before continuing on our journey together.

Success Stories:

What's included in consulting? That depends.

It depends on you, what you need, and where you’re seeking to go and grow. 

Every consulting container looks different for each client because it’s customized instead of mass-created. 

However, there are some standard practices that happen in each container:

We review your goals, your leadership profile, and how you and your team learn best.

We onboard you into our project management system for easy location of our consultancy activities together and you have consistent access to Ashleigh every week via Voxer, a voice memo application for easy conversation in-between our consulting calls. 

Our consultations occur every other week, twice a month, to allow for implementation time in-between to ensure that you and your team do not become a micro-wave marketing team (burning and churning instead of allowing for the information, strategies, and shifts to truly simmer).

Standardly we will be reviewing your current marketing presence and sales strategy from top-to-bottom to be able to provide you with a gap-filling quick-start plan within the next month of consulting.

As you and your team are implementing said plan, we’re working with you on the skill sets behind-the-scenes.

This ensures that front of house, you’re already updating and upgrading with our done-for-you plan in-hand while we teach you how to build plans, strategies, and structures for the time that you graduate from consulting!

Ultimately, what we’re doing together is auditing, analyzing, reviewing, optimizing, crafting, creating, executing, and reviewing all of the work to continue to fill the gaps that appear.

This is the process that marketing and sales professionals like us want you to have in your pocket to ensure that you never have to rely on a marketing or sales agency again.

And then we pop champagne, of course, to celebrate you and your team!


Our clientele? They’re powerhouses.

Our clients are powerhouse women that desire to connect with other powerful women in the digital space to elevate the lives and businesses of their ideal clientele with an empowered marketing and sales approach.

It’s been en vogue in the online space to confirm quick sales without considering the lifetime value of serving our customers and clients beyond our one-hit-wonder revenue months.

We don’t teach fast and furious strategies that can’t outlast the newest social media trend because we believe in handing over our timeless marketing and sales skill sets. 

That doesn’t mean we don’t usually see an increase in revenue quickly, as we usually see our clients converting with more ease because of their newfound belief in their brand that allows for their powerful voices to speak up when they see a need they can serve and solve.


  • Deeply in love with your offers, your business, and what you can bring to the table, but deeply lost in how to *actually* bring it to the table while not burning out, losing balance, and working 24/7
  • Understanding that a plan is *needed* per all of the marketing and sales content you’ve consumed, but regularly feeling like your plan isn’t good enough
  • Aware that money is being left on the table everytime you serve and sell because you’re exhausted after selling one offer so the other offers are left on the sidelines for the next sales-cycle (leaning only on your finite energy to get them out into the market)
  • Discouraged and disheartened that your reach may stop here, that your sales may be plateauing, and frustrated that you can’t serve more of your absolute-clients


  • Loving your marketing and sales structures because they feel good, they bring in revenue, all while bringing ease to your business
  • Confident and peaceful with your revenue, your service, and your impact in the physical and digital world
  • Feeling at ease because your monthly recurring revenue is no longer based on live launches alone, but instead is based on an omnipresent marketing strategy that allows for consistent connection with your absolute-clients within your digital-presence
  • Focused on generating revenue in the now to ensure for generational wealth in the future
  • Crafting time for joy, fun, peace, creativity, and clarity in your business because marketing and sales aren’t your major problems anymore
  • In holistic harmony with your life and business after years of feeling disconnected

We know you, you know?

We know you want your absolute-clients to find you, we know you want to be visible to them, and we also know that marketing and sales structures can be terrifying to craft alone if it’s not a part of your skill set. We’ll bring the skills, you bring the rest.


The aesthetician industry 
The affiliate / social serving industry 
The blogging industry
The brand and web design industry 
The hairstylist industry
The high-end boutique industry
The hospitality industry
The business coaching industry
The creative goods industry
The environmental industry
The event industry
The financial industry
The fin-tech industry 
The hormone education industry
The interior designer industry
The creative journaling industry
The law industry 
The lead-generation industry
The life-coaching industry
The marketing agency industry 
The mindset coaching industry
The photography industry
The podcast agency industry
The real estate industry
The resale industry
The retail industry
The retreat industry 
The spiritual coaching industry
The wine and beer industry

From one Founder to another…

Ashleigh Henry

Ashleigh Henry knows what it takes to marry a visionary leader with holistic harmony to ensure that while the company is scaling, the founder is also scaling as a leader and visionary.

Scaling alone, without interconnectedness in life and business, isn’t worth it; if profit is up and peace is down…we’re not doing it right.

Ashleigh is the CEO and Founder of The Cheetah Company and she knows what it takes to enable the modern businesswoman through education, coaching, and consulting to have marketing and sales structures that outlast the test of time and trend.


We teach you to influence your communities to do more than consume your content while you trust yourself to run your marketing and sales strategies with ease, joy, and peace. 

We consult with care meaning our support doesn’t stop with business…we actually want to know who you are and how you are every day, every meeting.

We walk with you…week to week. We come to the digital-table ready to support you which is why mindset isn’t off the table for us because we know what it means to be high-caliber entrepreneurs that think of ideas in their sleep while simultaneously wishing for a margarita on the beach. 

We get you and we’re ready for you to get your application in our inbox if anything on this web page resonates with you because it means that we’re sparking some electricity here and it may be all we need to illuminate the darkness you’ve felt lost in with your marketing and sales structures. 

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