The Cheetah Coalition Membership

It’s your place and space for the next 3 months to become an expert on connection, networking, and selling on social media. 

We’re giving you the place to learn how to intentionally connect with, serve, and sell to your people on social media.

With The Cheetah Coalition Membership...

You can stop fretting about what to post daily or even weekly. 

You can finally have a process that you know fundamentally works and feels intuitive to you.

We’re supporting you with the next three months in the membership to ensure that you’re learning the skill sets needed to social sell with ease.

The Cheetah Coalition will be teaching you...

  • Utilizing foundational steps that I’ve crafted over the last decade in marketing. The best part, though? We’re going to use the foundations as building blocks for you to have a process that FEELS good while you’re doing it (start with my process and then tweak it, Cheetah!) 
  • And we’re not just talking about the regular engagement strategies that you’ve already learned how to use from my free content; we’re talking about the engagement practices that create collaborative connections that will ensure your name is mentioned in the room (even if you’re not in that room!)

  • Not to mention we’ll be talking about how to pitch yourself without sales templates, without fear, and without all the drama that pops up in your mind when you KNOW you could help someone with your offer, but shy away from sharing so.
  • From the unique framework I’ve crafted that you can go through at your own pace (you’ll be MASTERING those skills laid out in each video before moving onto the next part of the framework)…


  • To the community support (I’ll be popping in Monday-Friday every day with an accountability post and responding to your responses with intentions…no comment left behind has been my motto since social media was born)


  • To the coaching that I’ll be given ya every month LIVE, to the experts that will be coming in (that’ll talk about business and more…because I bet your mindset needs a little love, too)…


  • …And more

What does The Cheetah Coalition mean? 

Female cheetahs are usually running fast and running solo (only protecting their cubs, but forgetting about all else).

Coalitions of cheetahs are usually male cheetahs protecting the land, keeping the territory.

Does that sound familiar to you? 

  • Most female entrepreneurs are running so fast that they have to run solo and really only give their extra time to their families. Leaving them to be alone on their business journey and tired of running.
  • Most female entrepreneurs forget about the “coalition” (community) that’s available to them in life and business. They’re so busy protecting their territory (their biz and fam) that they forget that they can do BOTH
  • We’re changing these definitions to mean something way better for female entrepreneurs. The Cheetah Coalition now symbolizes female cheetahs that are gathering to connect, collaborate, network, and sell…all while being in a coalition that supports them to come back to the community (the land) when the prowl gets hard so they can receive the support, strategy, and break they need.

In the Cheetah Coalition, you’ll learn to go from:

  • Spending hours on end on social with little results to show 
  • Posting 6-7 days a week without a sale in sight
  • Wondering why “no one will buy” from you & why folks won’t reach out
  • Feeling completely lost on your content (what to create and how to create it?)
  • Struggling to speak to and sell to your ideal client because you can’t find a real person that actually fits that ideal client avatar 
  • Spending less time on social with more results to show
  • Creating content designed to convert with efficiency and ease
  • Mastering the skill set of authentic connection with your ideal client
  • Understanding the “connection offer-ladder” as much as you understand your own product suite — we’re not just connecting lead to lead around here
  • Finding real people to serve and sell your products and services to instead of “hoping” to find this magical unicorn client that you’ve created in your mind
  • Making sales left and right in a way that is genuine & prioritizes connection and impact first…so many of our clients are doing this as you read this

What's Inside of the Cheetah Coalition Membership?

  • The Cheetah Coalition Framework
  • An intentional, interactive, & truly supportive online community
  • Monthly coaching calls in the group
  • Accountability/check-in posts in the group
  • Strategy and brainstorming with me, in the Facebook group, to ensure that your intentionality, alignment, and creativity can continue to be consistent and applicable to your business while you’re in the membership space
  • Hot-seat guest speakers speaking on a variety of topics in relation owning a successful business (on your own intuitive terms, of course!) 
  • We’ve been welcoming in guest speakers such as mindset coaches, life coaches, transformational leaders in their own right, business experts, marketing experts, systems experts, and more

What's in the framework?

  • We’ll be analyzing the heck out of your socials (and the market research that you already have that you may not know how to use to conduct your strategy and make sales)
  • We’ll be looking at which platforms you need to be on (and which you can let go of)
  • We’ll be making a content strategy that is connective, converting, and sales-focused while ditching the car-salesmen-type-strategy of “book a call now” and “buy now!” (Did you cringe at this like I just did? Yawnnnn, over are the days of making your social call-to-actions “book now!”)
  • We’ll be making sure you have an engagement strategy that works for you, that feels good, and leads towards connections, collaborations, and cash moneyyy, honeyyyy
  • We’ll be digging into simple sales strategies that will feel humanistic, simple AF, and service-minded (you’ll love it, I’m going to change the way you view sales in the DMs!)

What makes this membership different than the rest?

This space is different from others because…

it's simple.

Wouldn’t that be nice? If your social selling strategy was simple?

Still wondering how this is different from other social media + sales memberships?

  • I’ll be teaching you to truly be the one that’s executing right now for your social media as the CEO you are, but after you’ve got it down, boo, you can outsource the heck out of it to other experts once you LEARN how to do it yourself…that way you can come into the room with your own expertise instead of a lack of knowledge of what actually drives sales on social media.


  • This investment will help YOU to know whether or not your one-day investments in a marketing agency, social media manager, or specialty virtual assistant are good investments or not…because you’ll be able to track back their strategies, methods, and knowledge to your own and the data you’ve procured from taking the time to learn the strategies and apply them yourself.


  • The strategies are the add-in, but the support and community you’ll receive will change you.


  • I’m the connection-queen (it’s literally my favorite thing to do) so this space is going to be filled with women that are ready to connect, commune, and collaborate. 

“Okay, Ash, what’s it cost?”

I’m glad you asked.

Monthly: $99 (3 month commitment)

To actually implement what you’re learning!

Annual: $990

Sign up for a year & receive TWO MONTHS on the house!

The questions you might have...

  • The biggest lie the internet ever sold you (minus a few of those “amazing” TikTok gadgets you bought and hated) is that marketing is instantaneous.
  • Any good marketer knows that it takes time to apply strategy, test, receive feedback, adjust, and take new, aligned, and innovative action to see the response + results they want to see.
  • I’m a good marketer, so I’m going to teach YOU to be a good marketer, too. RUN if you see someone promising you instantaneous results from your marketing.
  • The customer’s journey is an intentional one — not an instant one.
  • This is totally up to you. There are seven modules in the framework for you to work through that are roughly around 20-25 minutes each.
  • I’d love for you to take each video step-by-step and master the skill before moving onto the next video.
  • That means 20-25 minutes per week or so, the time that it takes to apply (different for everyone), and then showing up in the space as YOU feel led to (you’ll probably want to start your day with us every morning, to be honest, because the accountability and community is going to be too hard to stick away from!)
  • I love this question!!!!! Cause me freaking too.
  • I’m in a ton of communities which means I’ve seen a lot of the same — it’s called a “community” but all you see are posts like “drop your questions now!” and “I just created a free thing to make your coaching business skyrocket by the end of this week, want it before I make it paid?”
  • It becomes less of a community and more of an interactive sales page.
  • This space will be different because it’s asking you to show up as you are (probably limp and tired from trying to make sales on social media without someone to help you) and apply what’s in the space while leaning into the community for support.
  • The women I keep by my side are hype-women, a mix of extroverts and introverts that love to celebrate the power that other women have in them.
  • You’ll be called higher in this space and you’ll be calling others higher. This community isn’t “my” community…it’s yours. Since it’ll be yours…you and all of these incredible women will make it different by treating it differently: cheering every woman on during their journey, cheering for the hard days and the good days, elevating the wins, asking for advice with an open heart and mind…I could go on, but I think you get it. It’s different because the women I’m attracting into this space are different. It’s time for growth and we’ll do it together. 

YES! Many of our members have experienced higher sales months, more clients, and way more engagement on their social profiles, and the best part is that it felt simple for them to follow the strategies provided, tweaking to match their businesses and the way they run their businesses!

YEP! And you have access to all of the trainings we’ve been dripping out inside of the membership. Our hot seat coaching calls are some of our members favorite part of the membership because their questions get answered in real time!

If you could go from…

Spending hours on end on social media with little results to show (I see you posting 6-7 days a week with no likes and no sales) wondering why no one trust you enough to invest in you…


Spending less time on social media, with banging results that show you that you’re trusted, known, and paid because of your knowledge (just a note here: YOU bring the offers, I’ll bring the strategy to sell the offers, so make sure you’re in love with your offer!) 

Then I can tell you this...

You’ll love this space. I’m going to end our conversation here because I’ve given you all I’ve got to show you why this community is going to be amazing and why you need it. It’s in your hands now, Cheetah.

Disclaimer: Your level of success in attaining the results from any of the TheCheetahCompany services, products, and information depends on, but is not limited to, the time you devote to the program(s) and courses, ideas and techniques used. This does not take into account your own offer-suite, industry, niche, preexisting knowledge, team support, skills, or network. What’s represented on this page (and website) from the TheCheetahCompany team and its advertisers/sponsors are estimates only of what you may be able to possibly earn when the strategies are applied and the support is utilized. Please note that we BELIEVE in your abilities, we fully believe in our strategies, products, and services, but claiming absolute and total success is not an action our team will ever claim since every human and every business is different. We are not saying you can or cannot reach these heights of results as discussed above, but promising in absolutes is not a mark of our brand.

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