Business Trends for 2023

Ashleigh Henry. Business Trends 2023.

Are you already busy prepping for 2023 or wrapping up with clients, sliding 2023 prep into your winter break for maximum creativity and clarity? 

We’ve been doing a bit of both around here at The Cheetah Company – and our clients, members, and students have, too – to marry a pragmatic and creative approach together. We’re happy to help with a few business trends and predictions that we’re noticing for next year. 

Before you dive in, here is our note to you: you are resilient, powerful, and capable of abundance in the predictions of limitations (recession, inflation, etc) – own your capabilities. 

Availability & Approachability

Being able to approach leaders that we’re interested in working with, but not at the point to work with, is a keen necessity inside of the customer journey. It’s been increasingly terrifying to see how many folks in the online business space will quickly dismiss or “exile” folks that aren’t ready to work with them immediately. 

It seems that that way of business focuses on the self more than the client or customer. We’re into the old-fashioned way of business and we’re happy to say that it seems like there’s been a revolution to marry new business practices and timeless business practices together. The Cheetah Company values being available and approachable to ensure that relationships are built before a client, member, or student becomes a client, member, or student

We see this availability and approachability rising in the online business world and we’re happy it is. Leaders must guard their time and be available in ways that harmonize their life, energy, and business together, but we see increasing availability and approachability as a positive in coming years to ensure that we’re close to the leader that’s asking clientele to follow their mission and vision while receiving support and solutions for their own needs.

Savvy Storytelling

The Cheetah Company has always valued storytelling – from our own marketing to advising and consulting our clients, members, and students to value the same. We love working with our consulting clients to craft their brand stories, but we also teach you how to do so in a self-paced format through The Timeless Sales Method course

People are tired of being talked at and told to do the next specific thing. They’re confused and overwhelmed with the amount of information available at their fingertips – even established brands of 5-10+ years have asked “what can I do to help the company stand out as we prepare for X [aquisition, increases in traffic, diversifying their service suite, etc]?” 

The answer? Your stories. Stories are the only asset (beyond yourself as the founder) that folks can’t copy and paste as their own, as we’ve unfortunately noticed a rise in imitation in 2022. May your story (and your attorney) help you protect your brand for the future. We recommend Paige Hulse Law for copyright and intellectual property needs. 

Everlasting Relationships & True Intimacy

It’s time to bring our digital communities together in person. After years of being in digital spaces, we’re craving the connection that only occurs across a table as we break bread together or experience a new experience together. Many of our clients are moving this trend forward by preparing to host in-person retreats, summits, and experiences in the upcoming year, but even if an in-person experience isn’t on the table for your company right now there are ways to create everlasting relationships and true intimacy beyond in-person experiences.

Everlasting relationships are built on the foundation of knowledge of others, minimizing constant “self” discussion, and recognizing the power of listening before speaking. Our clients and customers are craving a deeper sense of connection than ever before. 

We’re seeing shifts in the online business space constantly for deeper connection, intimate conversations, and a desire for regulation to ensure that trust isn’t just built through word but experience, knowledge, and trust from third parties. Consider approaching your potential clientele with a deeper desire to build an everlasting relationship instead of a one-time sale (or even lifetime value in mind) and allow for lifetime value to be built through the relationship itself. 

Immersive customer experiences are no longer a potential or possibility, but a must and expectation from our communities. We held our most immersive and multi-sensory brand experience to date in November 2022 and we’re still swooning over the historic shifts our experiencers experienced during the four-day immersion. See here and here for those shifts.

Transformation, Transference, & Training

Service suites (and sales) were once built, in the online business space, on a foundation of “secret”. 

Secrecy seemed “sexy” – though we all know that secrecy in any intimate connection and relationship would be enough to drive us mad…

We were once intrigued. Now, we’re seeking transformation, transference of information and knowledge, and training to outlast the container that we choose to be in for an amount of time. We’re seeking deeper knowledge, mentors that care, and methods that are timeless. If you’re seeking a timeless method for your sales structures specifically, we encourage you to bookmark this course for future investment. 

We’re seeking timeless structures that support us to learn the information that we need, and have the support that cares for us, all while we create stronger foundations and structures that can carry the weight of our vision, goals, and legacy. 

If your marketing isn’t built around depth and transference of more than diluted information… you will not see the results you desire.

If your transformations post-sale do not match the promises made in the marketing, you will see a lack of retention and reputation.

If your offer suite isn’t geared towards the state of the market and the inept needs that are arising in a transitional time, then you may not see the conversions you seek. 

We say all of the above with our consulting hats on and a dollop of love – we know that you are powerfully positioned for growth and capable of articulating your company’s capabilities, but we also know that founders in the more established stages of their company’s crave the harder truths and desire to rise resiliently beyond the trends, trials, and tribulations of what we’ve seen in the online business space (sales based on secret methodologies that can’t be vetted because they’re “propriatary” – leaving the customer to wonder if it’s truly the best fit for them). 

Unshakeable Foundations & Leaders

If you’ve ever talked to an entrepreneur that’s been through a recession or transitional times and came out on top… you see a similar flicker in their eyes that relates to those that have been through deeply traumatic experiences. 

It’s easy to see the headlines of the recession…

Apple News populating the latest layoff (companies like Meta with 13% of their staff released and their stories being populated in the Linkedin #metalayoffs and Twitter with half of their workforce “slashed” post-acquisition)

…and grocery store prices rising (up by 13% percent in the last year)

…and think “how will I make it if these corporations are struggling?” 

Unshakeable foundations and self-leadership. 

This is the time to invest in yourself to ensure that leaders that have gone through it, or supported industries, leaders, and companies during times of recession/inflation/upheaval, are near you and in intimate, close proximity.

One-hit-wonder strategies won’t work this year. Diluted information won’t be enough to quelch the thirst of entrepreneurs seeking support for massive problems they’ve never faced before. Make-shift (duct taped with hope) solutions won’t be enough for a market that’s starving to keep every dollar to ensure their bottom line stays black in a time where there’s blood in the streets (see the stock market). 

We don’t find this to be anything but factual information to supply you with resiliency to act from a prepared state and place. You can build your company through anything (The Cheetah Company was built in March 2020 during one of the most shaking and intense times of history) and you can ensure unshakeable growth within your company even in the midst of a recession. 

We’re craving your unshakeable foundations – a marketing presence that proves your authority, proof of concept through user-generated content, and third-party confirmation of who you are, sales foundations that feel less like a transaction exchange and instead an intimate nod of partnership, a client experience that marries a multi-sensory brand-experience for memorable connection that soothes the nervous system, and a peace and calm to weather the storm through diversification of your offer-suite to fit the market’s absolute needs right now. 

We’re craving your leadership – moral, integral, sovereign, communicative, kind, caring, connective, and yet unshakeable. We’re craving you to show up more powerfully than you ever have to help others resiliently rise in their power, too. 

This is the year that we’ll remember as historically incredible or historically damaging. 

You have the power to choose your thoughts, energy, and activities in 2023. If you’re seeking unshakeable foundations and leadership we would love to support you, peruse our consultation experiences to have us by your side, leaders that have gone through transitional times before, as you weather the storm with peace and calm. 

Key Takeaways

Your company is ready for its next revolution – prepare yourself, prepare your team, prepare your company through intentional restructuring, releasing, refining, and remember that everlasting relationships will override anything that can occur in an upheaval. We trust those that we’ve worked with before and we’ll continue to return for more support if it’s available to us. 

If there’s anything The Cheetah Company can do to support your company’s acceleration and growth, we’re here for you. We invite you to download this resource for legacy-focused marketing and customer retention to support your next steps


Ashleigh Henry has been in marketing, sales, and leadership positions for the last decade and it was exhilarating for Ashleigh to climb the retail, corporate, higher education, and start-up ladder holding positions such as Marketing Strategist, Copywriter, Social Media Strategist, Manager, Editor, Co-Editor…until it wasn’t. Alongside her degree, Ashleigh decided to bring all of her experience into the freelancing world until it became clear that she didn’t just want to pay the bills – she wanted to create a company that was foundationally built on cheetah print, legacy-minded marketing, and sexy sales structures that could stand the test of trend and time. The Cheetah Company, founded by Ashleigh, does this for female entrepreneurs through their education, coaching, and consulting services. Learn more about Ashleigh here.

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