2024 Trend Analysis for Female Founders

2024 trends for female founders, online service providers, online coaches and consultants, online digital agencies. Trend analysis for 2024 for entrepreneurs.

If your business DNA includes a double helix of intention, execution, freedom, joy, and a dash of risk-taking for good measure, then this blog post is your VIP ticket to the trends that will have your legacy singing in neon lights. Picture this as your personal GPS for the entrepreneurial rollercoaster of which trends to put your focus towards in 2024, where we navigate the twists and turns with analytic precision, cheeky flair, and a dash of unapologetic joy.

In the era where AI is tossing around words like confetti at a parade, it’s time to ensure your brand’s voice isn’t lost in the cacophony. We’re diving into the nitty-gritty, dissecting the tech tango, and revealing why your brand’s voice is the secret sauce in an increasingly digital landscape. But hey, no worries, we promise to keep it joyful and cheeky – because who said trend analysis can’t be a party?

Your Brand’s Voice is Key in the Age of AI

Thought leadership is more important than ever in the Age of AI where many consumers are poking fun at the brands that are ChatGPT-ing their way into becoming an unnoticed voice in the sea of semblance. 

Too many AI keystrokes later and you’ve lost your synchronized swim with your ideal clients. 

We shared our take about AI, brand voice, and this thought leadership trend that’s trending more than ever in this podcast episode and this podcast episode.

A few key takeaways: it’s easy to outsource your marketing strategy and content plan to AI when it can scour the internet in seconds and create optimized postings for you, but what’s lost is a sense of heritage and place in your brand’s voice, your keen (human) eye that can see in a way that AI can’t, and the ability to lift and shift your thoughts into your content pieces to influence your consumers to take action quicker than a dry-sense-of-humored robot can. 

Leverage AI by feeding it your thoughts first, not the other way around.  

Technology and Innovation are Key in 2024 for Female Founders

Low-code and no-code have seen a major increase in search engine results in the last 5 years according to Exploding Topics and with the behind-the-scenes peek into our client’s businesses, their networks, and their inner circles, as TCC also welcomes in a few projects that we can’t yet discuss regarding tech, we know that more and more female founders are reimagining the tech space.

We’ve seen a flood of female founders in the online business space bringing apps to life to revolutionize and reimagine the business space while trying their hand at tech in a business world that still doesn’t provide enough funding for females in business (data shows, opinions aside). 

Are we surprised the female founders are pushing into another frontier with a ferocity that only comes from being incredibly embodied in their missions, values, visions, and purposes on earth? Not at all. 

Especially as we watched in 2022 and 2023 many online businesses bring their digital embodiments into physical embodiments through brick and mortars. The intersection of technology, lifestyle branding, and physical embodiments are bringing a certain je ne sais quoi to businesses that hasn’t been seen before since tech companies usually need much more capital (but not in the age of low-code!)

Social Media Surprises Us Again with Their SEO Strategy

Showing up on Google used to be achievable by website-only tactics, with an eye on media placements to garner the most attention and backlinks to your homebase, but as we watch the SEO strategies of TikTok, Youtube Shorts, and Instagram/Facebook Reels be accessible at the top of Google… There’s more reason than ever to stay on social media even if your business strategy is influenced by your desired life (a bit slower and less hyper-functioning than the average CEO’s life). 

Many of our clients desire to work intentionally with clients and have a lifestyle brand that prioritizes their desired lifestyle first (alongside their teams that are usually based around the world). Social media’s SEO strategy will be playing a perfect tune for our clients to leverage AI after they or their team writes their anchor pieces of content that reflect their marketing strategy and marketing plans. 

Take a peek at this post, this post, and this post to see how we are adding SEO into every content piece to ensure that our works aren’t lost in the shifting algorithms and new features of each social media platform. Take a peek at the SEO keywords at the end of each caption and the hashtags that are niche yet wide enough to connect with our ideal clients. 

A trend we didn’t give enough unabridged attention to here is omnichannel marketing, though our clients have heard us lovingly move them towards omnipresence to ensure that their online businesses have homes beyond Instagram and Tiktok. We’re regularly suggesting to online business owners, online coaches and consultants, online service providers and online agencies to move towards omnipresence by focusing on an “anchor” or a “power paper” that allows for the thought leader to create one large piece of content to be split, repeated, and integrated into their omnipresent marketing strategy to ensure that customer’s journey is being influenced by hearing the same information in different ways 9-20 times to garner the attention that businesses and brands have to influence and convert. 

An Ascension Business Model for Retention is More “In” Than Ever

In business, your network is everything. Your network is driven by the “weak ties” theory; if you have someone that you can call and connect your clientele with, your potential partners and collaborators and even your peers that may be in the same industry as you, but not serve clients in the exact fashion you do (consulting versus agency work, let’s say), then you’re already being seen as a thought leader and person to know in your industry. 

Regarding the “weak ties” theory if you have an ascension business model for retention… you may not need to walk your clientele out of your door as often as you currently have to. 

There was a time that The Cheetah Company was a social media and lead generation agency with consulting and coaching services as add-ons to evaluate and elevate the clients’ marketing strategies from the top down for better performance within the agency. Alongside those services, there were also educational products on top of the model that allowed for our self-servers to grow their knowledge before entering into private services and agency services. 

Being able to run a full-tier business model that allowed for retention in every direction was an optimized way to keep our clients in-house, with one strategy that moved the business forward; influencing many of our clients to become 2-5x buyers. 

Now, this doesn’t mean we’re suggesting to you to create the business model we had; we retired the agency and pursued consulting, coaching, and education because the numbers made sense and skill sets being kept in-house for our clients was better for them, too. 

This portion of this blog post, though, does suggest that if you see a need that your clientele would be interested in, working with you and your company because they already have trust in you… pursue it. Retention is always the bread and butter of every business, as is increasing value per receipt and customer lifetime value, but in the state of the economy of 2023 and 2024… we’ll be seeing more retention than ever as dollars are being spent with pure intention to keep doors open and businesses running smoothly. 

The Future of Email Marketing is That It’s Back & Better Than Ever

With the global pandemic reimagining the way we do business in every way, there has been a constant need to watch consumer behavior more closely than ever before. Marketers around the world are deepening their connection to analytics more than ever as consumer behavior seems to change by the millisecond instead of at the pace that we were once used to.

We discussed how marketing is being reimagined in a Medium piece in early 2023 and though we stand by every word, we’re ready to deepen this analysis as we see the following come into play within email marketing more than ever:

  1. Gamified experiences that influence interactive connection between brand and consumer to influence similar dopamine hits as social media does without competing in the social media landscape of today
  2. Moving beyond static and implementing dynamic email marketing tactics to influence interest, readability, buyer types, and varying learning styles in an attention-defecit market 
  3. AI-powered marketing as we welcome in the revolution of the Age of AI not as a sci-fi concept of the yesterdays, but a movement of today to revolutionize personalized experiences for our brand advocates in a way that prioritizes luxury marketing practices (to ensure that you don’t fall into the uncanny valley effect take a listen to our podcast episode – Your Conversation Pit, Ep 6 – The Age of AI & How the Uncanny Valley Effect Can Harm Your Luxury Brand)
  4. Email marketing and social media marketing are merging together as a unified approach to omnichannel marketing that influences readers and brand advocates to have a cohesive experience that feels similar to walking into a brick & mortar while being online with many online-based companies
  5. Visual trust will be built through points 1-4, but not without a cohesive visual experience; we recommend and trust Corry Frazier Photography as your go-to for building visual trust (she’s available for travel)

Embracing emerging trends and technologies within the business landscape, especially in marketing, sales, and administration, isn’t to be feared, but welcomed with open arms as we find our stride with another layer into the depth that the world wide web can offer us.

As you consider your next steps to blending traditional trust, luxury experience, and your client’s customer-journey, consider working with professionals that can support your structures and systems with ease. The Cheetah Company is here to support you if you feel called to connect with us as you read through this analysis; read more here for private consulting opportunities. We love guiding mission-driven luxe brands that love the heart-data & the hard data in the female entrepreneurship space.  


2024 will be the year that your lifestyle brand sees the growth that you desire it to. You’ve already had so much success; as you take these trends alongside you into 2024 within your business strategy, marketing strategy, sales strategy, annual plans, and strategic actions, just know that you are already prepared and you already have everything you need. If you desire support in the process, please reach out to us here. We’d be honored to be your power partner. 

Key Takeaways:

Brand Voice in the Age of AI:

  • Thought leadership is crucial in the Age of AI to avoid being lost in a sea of similar content.
  • While AI can streamline marketing, preserving the brand’s heritage, voice, and human perspective is essential.
  • Suggested approach: Leverage AI by feeding it your thoughts first, maintaining human influence.

Technology and Innovation:

  • Low-code and no-code technologies are on the rise, with female founders leading the way in reimagining the tech space.
  • Female founders are increasingly creating apps to revolutionize online business, despite challenges in funding for women in business.

Social Media’s SEO Strategy:

  • SEO strategies on platforms like TikTok, YouTube Shorts, and Instagram/Facebook Reels are influencing Google search results in 2024.
  • Encourages a focus on intentional use of social media for lifestyle brands, leveraging AI after creating anchor content reflecting marketing strategies.

Ascension Business Model for Retention:

  • Highlights the importance of networks and the “weak ties” theory for business success.
  • Proposes an ascension business model that retains clients by offering a range of services and educational products.
  • Advocates pursuing additional services based on client needs for increased retention.

Email Marketing Resurgence:

  • Email marketing is making a comeback with new trends:
    • Gamified experiences for interactive connections.
    • Implementation of dynamic email marketing tactics.
    • AI-powered marketing for personalized luxury experiences.
    • Integration of email and social media marketing for cohesive omnichannel experiences.

Visual trust is crucial, we recommend Corry Frazier Photography for building visual trust.

  • Embracing Emerging Trends
  • Encourages embracing emerging trends and technologies in marketing, sales, and administration.
  • Stresses the importance of working with professionals to navigate and integrate these trends seamlessly.

The overall theme revolves around the intersection of technology, brand identity, and customer experience, with a focus on adapting to emerging trends for sustained success in the evolving business landscape.

Ashleigh Henry has been in marketing, sales, and leadership positions for the last decade and it was exhilarating for Ashleigh to climb the retail, corporate, higher education, and start-up ladder holding positions such as Marketing Strategist, Copywriter, Social Media Strategist, Manager, Editor, Co-Editor…until it wasn’t. 

Alongside her marketing degree, Ashleigh decided to bring all of her experience into the freelancing world until it became clear that she didn’t just want to pay the bills – she wanted to create a company that was foundationally built on cheetah print, legacy-minded marketing, and sexy sales structures that could stand the test of trend and time. The Cheetah Company, founded by Ashleigh, does this for female entrepreneurs through their education, coaching, and consulting services. 

Over 200+ clients served around the world and we’re still absolutely enthusiastic to welcome every new client with joy and a mission to serve! Learn more about Ashleigh here. Join us over at @thecheetahcompany and @yourconversationpit and take a list to the podcast on Apple Podcasts, Spotify, or Amazon.

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