2023 Annual Service Summary

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You’re stepping into your unrivaled era. 2024 is the year of your voice, your energy, your methods, your passion, and your craft being the unique selling point that no one can deny. You don’t have to look like her; you’re already you.

Our Mission 

To support the modern business woman to resiliently rise in her personal power to dynamically design her harmonious life and business with peace, confidence, freedom, and enthusiasm.

Our Values 

Ambition, Community, Compassion, Generosity, Harmony, Revolution, Sovereignty

Our Vision 

To illuminate an ethical, empowering, & enthusiastic approach to business that stands the test of time and moves society forward in a positive way through passion and philanthropy.


In 2022, my word was illuminate. I saw that word everywhere, which is interesting in and of itself since illuminate is by no means used in daily language.

I saw it, meditated over it, and thought about how it makes perfect sense; we were used to helping our clients be visible, well positioned, and illuminated to their clients, but we weren’t as visible as we could be. 2022 was the year of visibility, shaping our own brand with intention and moving from behind the curtain.

This year was an expansion of that through our word of the year: express




  • convey (a thought or feeling) in words or by gestures and conduct.
  • say or otherwise communicate what one thinks or means.

I felt twisted in late 2022; I was in insidious spaces that influenced me to feel like I had to stay small to be accepted, I couldn’t out-do those around me (sisterhood wounds, feminine competition, and that lack energy that no entrepreneur wants to be around) and I started asking myself “how did I allow this?”

Not “why is this happening to me”, but “how did I allow myself to be in this situation and how can I powerfully return to my sacred sanctuary, space, and rightful place of inner power?”

The answer: my word of the year. It was through expression that I found my peace again.

As a founder, I walked through fire to return to my rightful state of peace, power, and presence with my divine creativity. If you’re on the same journey, trust It. Express and let your expression heal you.

It’s not about what happens to you, it’s about how you react, respond, and resiliently rise to what’s happening around you.

It’s all happening for you, even the worst of the worst events In my life have catapulted me into becoming more of myself.

It would be easy to look for ways to play victim.

It would be easy to look for ways to blame someone else for the way my life is moving and shaking, but an entrepreneur I adore, Victoria Washington, has a beautiful line that acted as an anchor for me in 2023: “God don’t move the mountain, move me.”

It’s not the places we find ourselves In; It’s not the valleys that define us, It’s how we respond and move and shake the valley.

I walked hand-in-hand with my faith in 2022 and 2023 to see what was being culled from my life and business, to notice what was healing in me and in my life, and I’ve been able to lean Into my expression again and again to get there.

I prayed for character development again and again, constantly circling back to my love of a good story, with knees on the ground begging to understand one day if my character development would be for the plot.

It felt like God regularly laughed and suggested that nothing is ever done without a focus and intention on the plot, on the character being developed, on the story to get juicier and juicier…

And to be quite frank I wanted to fight the plot, to beg the writers to consider a different angle, but I felt powerless as I even considered asking for different experiences in my life and business.

And I felt powerful when I accepted what was happening, what was crumbling, the tower crashing of it all. I let it all break into the sea of light and accepted the seachange (another lovely word and idea of the year that a past client, our trademark lawyer, and forever friend, Paige Hulse, shared in her personal brand launch this year).

I accepted my seachange and recognized that my constant kicking and screaming would result in a drowning.

Instead, I welcomed the feeling of keeping my head above water as wave after wave hit me, accepting that I could tread water, float on my back, and stare at the vastness of all that is good around me in the sky of my life.

Expression was the way that I could pause, seek presence, and reconnect with my soul and my soul’s work.

Our brand, our thought leadership, our visibility, our opportunities, our team… our everything has deepened because of the work I had to do as a founder; soul work is led from the top.

Letter From the Founder

With all that I’ve personally experienced as a founder this year and last, as a person this year and last… I have wondered what my 2024 word of the year would be.

I started choosing words for my upcoming year in college as a way to welcome in a hymn to return to when life would feel chaotic and topsy turvy.

They’ve varied over the years, but I’ve truly found that my words have been used in a way that I wouldn’t have necessarily prayed for yet they were a perfect puzzle piece fit for every year of my life.

As we prepare to release our first real estate property out into the wild wild world, and the world wide web, I’ve hymned about what The House of Harmony is meant to be for the world.

I’ve considered the prayer I prayed over the property when we first visited It: “if this Is our home for now and our home to serve through our rental portfolio, let this be a place of gathering, a place of connection, a place where stories and memories are shared and made again and again.”

As a business consultant, it’s an enduring act to see each product or service just as it is because I start thinking about the potential, the scale, the retention, the referrals, and I get a little lost and far away from the present.

I remember laying my hand on the porch railing that sits off of our open-concept kitchen, dining, and living room and asking that if this be the property… that we can have a space of sanctuary here. That we can create It for us and others.

It’s been strange to buy our first home and design it with a buyer in mind.

I’ve scoured through rustic modern cabin designs, lifted and tweaked what I wanted for this sanctuary, explored our local competition and promised to bring intention to the client experience that’s unmatched in the Asheville area, and yet what I come back to when I get lost in the process of 50 more tasks being on our plate before we can rent this home out is the memories, stories, connection, and sanctuary this home in the holler will be.

I think of the way our neighbor will wave at our new renters with love so bright you could think it was from the sun itself.

I think of the way our clients will sit on this porch with an old fashioned in hand (or with the Cabernet we plan to leave on the counter with a handwritten note) and I return to the bigger picture, the vision, and the sensory experience I can drop myself into to remember the work is all worth It.

Sanctuary for me, for 2024, means more for all that we’re preparing for others when I look at it without scrutiny…

…but if I look at it closely, I can see that 2024 will be a continuation of what my life has been since 2019 when I realized that I was living a life that wasn’t designed by me.

I started designing my pie of life around harmony, sanctuary, and the legacy I wanted to leave behind: a life of joy, filled with my creative collection of soul work, full to the brim with connection, stories, memories, and experiences I love. 

To live a life In sacred sanctuary forever.

Client Successes

Expanding their client rosters to work with the most ideal & absolute clients

Messaging and positioning being so concise, succinct, and intentional that their absolute clients said to them in the sales process that they knew they were supposed to work with our clients because of their messaging

Expanding their teams — some from part time to full time — to hold the weight of their capacity’s being stretched to new heights

Celebrating their highest annual revenue ever

Celebrating their first million dollar years

Celebrating new services being taken to market and being completely booked out (or near to!) through strategic launches

Celebrating their highest revenue months yet through our strategic and timeless methods of launching new & signature offers

Hosting their first influencer events to support their community, garner visibility for all brands involved, and expose the client’s brand to hundreds of thousands of ideal clients

Surpassing 6, multiple 6, and 7 figures in revenue

Landing major media placements and becoming a regular writer for major brands

Evaluating and elevating their brand’s online presence and landing new clients because of it

Many of our clients purchased their first homes, renovated second homes, and/or purchased new investment properties for the very first time due to the influx of capital in their companies

Many of our clients brought new products, services, and second businesses to market this year and we had the honor of strategically supporting them

Many of our clients have been running their homesteads, rental properties, and brands alongside being wives and moms

Built holistic & harmonious structures that have given back life, play, and freedom in their life and business journey

We support our clientele, members, and students with strategy, support, guidance, advisement, timeless frameworks, and resources to encourage growth beyond our time of service

We’ve been told that we support our clients in harmoniously redesigning their lives and businesses for peace, prosperity, and purpose

Company Initiatives

Retreat & Revive

Hosted TCC’s first Retreat & Revive in the Blue Ridge Mountains with incredible female founders that were in the midst of evaluating and elevating their own brands for more peace, purpose, philanthropy, play, and profit.

A Monumental Photoshoot

Enjoyed our usual annual photoshoot with updated positioning as an elevated high-end brand because our market has shifted since opening our digital doors (thank you to Corry Frazier Photography, the TCC team, and Melissa Pepin for all of your support in the elevation of the brand!)

Your Conversation Pit

We created our podcast – Your Conversation Pit! Huge thanks to Ebb, Flow & Grow for so much support within the launch and continued production of the podcast. We’ve received incredible feedback and response from listeners, especially about how the podcast has a different vibe than most life/business podcasts that’s refreshing and rejuvenating to listen to!

Expanded Our Reach

Expanded our reach by landing features in online publications & guest speaking on more podcasts than ever. Take a listen to this podcast list and find an article or two on Medium.

The Sunday Exposé

We continued education through The Cheetah Cafè with founders around the world pouring out their expertise for you to sip and pore over! And we expanded to a weekly email series called The Sunday Exposé where we share our version of The Sunday Edition through a hearty dose of sass, a few polarizing thoughts, poetry, and thought-provoking content that disrupts the business narratives you’re running Into In the online space.

Restructured Our Team

Looking at where we wanted to go with this brand and other brands to come, we started putting the right people in the right seats through restructuring roles and responsibilities to hiring a new team member, Kara Hawkins, to be alongside us to build out the backend of TCC with intention to move certain roles in and over in the next year!

Served Clients Around the Globe

Many of our clients continued to work with us throughout the year; meaning that we had the honor of going even deeper with so many brands. Most of our clients stay on for 12 months+ and we’ve had many that have been with us for 2-3 years!

Our Digital Home Elevation

Our website had another evolution and elevation as we deepened what was working, let go of what wasn’t, and really carved out a unique expression In the online business space that plays on my major Influences: film, art, journalism, music, and fashion

Spaciousness for the Founder

I played, traveled, healed, and rested more than ever – encouraging others to do the same from the team to clients to our communities. This year we lost my brother-in-law suddenly and unexpectedly; I stepped into the background as the team took over responsibility for a lot of the frontend.

As Seen In


Business Reboot 

HER Purpose 

HN Haus Podcast

 Sla Foundation 

Unbreakable Brands 

Untethered Podcast


The Connect Network TV


ShoutOut Socal




Go Solo 

Canvas Rebel

Clients Served

17 Clients

Many of our clients have been with us for 12+ months. We enjoy working with our clients deeply, seeing many of our clients become 2-5x buyers within our service suite because they feel so supported and helped as they ascend to new levels in their lives and businesses.

Embodiment Coaches

Travel Consultants

Short & Mid-Term Rental Companies

Interior Designers


Promotional Products Company

Marketing Companies

Marketing Consultants

Health & Wellness Coaches

Life Coaches

Clothing & Accessory Companies

High-End Boutiques

Brand & Web Designers

Registered Dietitians


Hormone Coaches

Licensed Dietitians

Interior Design Consultants


Grief as a Founder

This year I’ve stood by many of our clients as they walked through grief. Grief in the usual sense of the word — a death in the family of a major figure that shaped the family lineage with their heart, soul, and energy. But grief, also, in a different sense of the word. One of our clients shared about the way she had a death to herself; a version of herself that cared more about pleasing others than herself, that played small to keep friendships and business partnerships that didn’t serve her but she felt comfortable in. 

Another client shared that she let a version of herself go that was so obsessed with reaching her first million dollar year that she was sacrificing everything to get there and living a life that wasn’t rooted In harmony. Soon after this shift she signed on more Ideal clients than ever, crafted her first $50k offering within the marketing, publishing, and PR world and began to see a new pathway to said million dollars without the strife of losing herself on the way. Another client let go of habits that were actively working against the visions she was setting forth for herself. She stopped using her tongue to identify only misfortune and what wasn’t working within her life and business and instead turned towards her fortune, her joy, her creativity, and her visions that were casting a new potential in front of her.

She embodied and actively stepped into her shadows to bring the light of joy, levity, and belief into what was going to be one of her most groundbreaking years yet in business. And the groundbreaking had zero to do with money and all to do with setting up the structures of her business for colossal growth in the future. She’s now on the pathway to welcome in a near half a million dollar year in 2024, but it took releasing the habits that were actively keeping her away from the visions she was casting in our time together. She chose to be responsible for her growth instead of powerless to the habits that she was accustomed to. This year was a year of death. I coined this year as being the year of the catalyst for The Cheetah Company clients; I didn’t know how much that line would act as a repeated mantra and anchor for both our clients… and myself. I repeated this same mantra in The House of Harmony throughout the year as my husband and I walked through the hardest year of our lives. My brother-in-law unexpectedly passed away over Memorial Day Weekend… …and our worlds… …shattered.

Isaiah James Henry was the light that beckoned people to come closer. He made friends everywhere he went. He’d called us to share about wild experiences he’d have recklessly living his life trying out new tricks on his skateboard and camping out in the Ocala National Forest with his friends (a group that was absolutely a Godsend and seemed so much like an episode of Friends when we’d hear about all of their adventures). He was a soul full of relentless spirit; he drove a mustang and he was a mustang. He became one in that car and every day I stare at it in our driveway and thank God that I had the honor of meeting the brother I always wanted. 

When I was little I’d ask my parents repeatedly If I had a brother somewhere; I thought I was a twin and I was positive that if I wasn’t a twin that I was supposed to have a brother. They’d laugh and look at me like I was crazy, but the day I met Isaiah I knew the brother I had waited on was here. I knew I was going to marry Chris within our first month of knowing each other and Isaiah was the addition to my family that I’d always known I was supposed to have. We’re both fire signs and between my Leo energy and his Sagittarius energy we’d get into anything and everything we could. Screaming loud and happily as we pursued another climb up a mountain ledge that no one else would or as we jumped on the human slingshot ride in Daytona Beach that no one else would even consider. We’d grab lattes and talk about sociology, psychology, religion, politics, the latest horror movies and the dusted off collection. Indie movies made us thoughtful and pensive as we swapped long text threads of what came up for us and our music collection nearly matched each other. He was the brother I longed for and the years I had with him will never be enough. 

This year crippled me and brought up mountains of grief I had pushed down from other passings in my life, other experiences in my life that were triggered and taunted by the loss of Isaiah, and it brought a vibrational energy to every part of my life that pulsed with healing in the dog days of summer, into the releasing of fall, and now as we walk intentionally towards the long days of the year in winter… we remember and we honor what this year has taught us. It taught us love. It taught us connection. It taught us that 100 souls+ were touched by the legacy of Isaiah James, a 25-year-old boy turned man before our eyes, as we all celebrated his life at his memorial. It’s taught us that his energy is so palpable that it carries its mustang energy into our day-to-day life. This year has taught us to deepen our presence with every embodied breath because tomorrow could be the day that we wish for another tomorrow. This year of the catalyst included grief, joy, and the waltz between the two.

Be Served

Interconnect with the community through The Cheetah Cafe

Elevate your company through these emboldened resources

Expose your strategies through embraced education.

 Move your legacy forward through our empowering consulting services

May you bring your wildest dreams to life in 2024.

May you expand your vision more than ever in 2024.

May 2024 be your best year yet.


Ashleigh Henry has been in marketing, sales, and leadership positions for the last decade and it was exhilarating for Ashleigh to climb the retail, corporate, higher education, and start-up ladder holding positions such as Marketing Strategist, Copywriter, Social Media Strategist, Manager, Editor, Co-Editor…until it wasn’t. Alongside her degree, Ashleigh decided to bring all of her experience into the freelancing world until it became clear that she didn’t just want to pay the bills – she wanted to create a company that was foundationally built on cheetah print, legacy-minded marketing, and sexy sales structures that could stand the test of trend and time. The Cheetah Company, founded by Ashleigh, does this for female entrepreneurs through their education, coaching, and consulting services. Learn more about Ashleigh here.

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