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Creating legacy-focused marketing & sales structures with modern, high-performing businesswomen to move society forward with their craft.

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The Cheetah Company® is your marketing and sales firm for the modern-age, with a traditional twist.

Pour a drink, stay awhile, and learn to empower your legacy-focused company through marketing and sales structures that tell & sell your mission and service suite.

You’re the industry leader they want to see and we’ll be empowering you to be visible, known, and connected in this modern world.

We support you to illuminate your entire service suite to your absolute-clients through empire-style marketing and sales structures through our coaching, consulting, education, and resources.


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How can we empower your marketing and sales structures to partner alongside your empire-intentions, generational wealth plans, and desire for holistic harmony between your life and business?

Emboldened Resources

These are your complimentary resources to embolden your steps as you embark on the next step in your journey. If you’re a founder, beginning your startup from the ground up, or an established entrepreneur, there’s something for you here and all of our resources are complimentary for you.

Embraced Education

This is your space if you’re seeking self-paced education meets intimate support through community, guided action, and celebration of you as you continue to self-cultivate as the founder of your brand. If you’re a self-starter, this is your place, and space to be best served
by us as you grow.

Empowered Consulting

This is your space if you’re an established brand seeking support with strategic structures in your business that allow for holistic harmony between your modern life and business. We work with founders to provide you with the skill sets needed to scale with peace, prosperity, and a pragmatic & structured approach.

Actualized and available marketing is what your absolute-clients are craving and we’re here to coach, consult, and educate you to see your visions come to life in your digital spaces. We’re here to empower you to mix traditional marketing and sales practices with modernized structures.

What’s an

This is our version of “ideal clients” with a bit more faith.

When your ideal clients know they want you, but haven’t found you yet, they’re already absolutely yours when they finally find you through your marketing structures.

From one founder to another

Ashleigh Henry

Ashleigh Henry knows what it takes to marry a visionary leader with holistic harmony to ensure that while the company is scaling, the founder is also scaling as a leader and visionary.

Scaling alone, without interconnectedness in life and business, isn’t worth it; if profit is up and peace is down…we’re not doing it right.

Ashleigh is the CEO and founder of The Cheetah Company and she knows what it takes to enable the modern businesswoman through education, coaching, and consulting to have marketing and sales structures that outlast the test of time and trend.

Sexy & Suspenseful Business Structures

that keep your absolute-clients on edge.

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